The Mystery of Wenzhou consortium for three years the war caused by a rotten tail building

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Standing in front of reporters Chen is not old, but has done the Shanghai Putuo District Industrial and Commercial branch of the legal section of the post. 3 months ago, Chen, the Industrial and Commercial branch of Shanghai Ming Li Tak Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ming Li de") to the wrong issue of two business licenses for wrongful acts for the prosecution.  And before, Minlide many times to the leadership of the Industrial and Commercial Branch, the content of Chen suspected with the application for the second business license of the individual has an improper relationship. Who is to apply for two business licenses? How did he apply for the second business license? What is the application of the second business license? The mystery surrounds the mystery of the two Wenzhou Consortium's three-year struggle, and on May 13, 2010, the two sides will again be in court on two business licenses.  And waiting for them will be a long way to litigation. Two business licenses in August 2009, Gothenburg Company in Shanghai, Zhongshan North Road, No. 2438, Ming Li Tak Company all the properties of the new building to decorate, suddenly received a court summons to Minlide did not entrust the renovation of the new building for the construction of a newly built industry to be sued by the court. "Minlide and we signed the decoration contract, how now they sue us?"  Gothenburg immediately found Minlide executive general manager Yeqingxiong. "The official seal, the business license and so on I here, who sues?" "Yeqingxiong confused.  After verified, all by the original Minlide legal representative Yang Daming. Yeqingxiong to reporters that in late September 2007, the new company completed the acquisition of Yang Daming, such as holding the company's equity, Yang Daming resigned from the executive Director, the legal representative of the position, and surrendered the right to operate, will be the company's business license, seal seals and other types of documents surrendered.  September 28, 2007, Yeqingxiong was hired as executive director of Ming Lide. "In the subsequent time, Minlide's company license has been kept in the new building and used." Yeqingxiong to the reporter, "until the discovery of two Ming Lide."  "Yeqingxiong to reporters that the Shanghai Bureau of Trade and Industry found that April 13, 2009, Yang Daming use its" legal representative "did not write off the name of the Putuo Industrial and Commercial branch of the company to fill a set of the business license of the firm, and then in October will Minlide the legal address moved to No. 248 East New Road, Room 202 The reporter immediately calls Yang Daming, Yang to not in Shanghai for the refusal of the interview. Reporter in the East New road No. 248, Room 202 met Juderong (Minlide shareholders), Zhu said to reporters: "They stole our official seal and business license, and then we announced in the newspaper and to the industry and commerce, all legal and effective." "Leaf pointed to Yang's loophole:" Yang Daming in the time of receiving the certificate, said March 25, 2009 lost, but they also claimed to have made the announcement on March 16. Do you know that the license will be lost in advance? Moreover, Minlide's business license was being inspected by the Trade and Industry Bureau and passed. Yeqingxiong subsequently to the Putuo Industry and Commerce Bureau reflects the situation, not fruit. More to his anger, Yang Daming subsequently sued the court for a second business license.Legal identity. "Chief of the law Chen unexpectedly on behalf of the Industrial and Commercial branch to make a second legal and effective proof." "Reporter in Yeqingxiong submitted to the Director of Industrial and Commercial branch Mao Jiarui in the report to see:" Yang Daming, Juderong said: ' Our business license to take over, is spent a lot of money, it is impossible to undo! We suspect, therefore, that Chen has an illegitimate relationship with them.  "At present, Chen has been asked to avoid the matter and declined to be interviewed." "He is borrowing public power to snatch back the shares and the right to operate."  "Yeqingxiong said.  Fuse, Minli de Munlide, this is two business license tangled company behind, is a complex debt and debt relationship.  2003, from Wenzhou Yang Daming and Zhang San, Juderong, Cheng, Xiachengjiang, boxwood flower, Chenmingzo, Yang Zong Good 8 people in Shanghai set up Shanghai Ming Hong Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "bright rainbow Investment"), investment in Shanghai property market. January 2006, Ming Hong Investment 6 shareholders (Chenmingzo and Yang Zongho did not participate) to 146 million yuan publicly bid for the Shandong province Weifang in Shanghai, an asset-building building. The following March 2, the above 6 shareholders again to form a Minlide, equity distribution is, Yang Daming contribution 2 million, shareholding 20%, as the company's legal representative, Zhang San 2.5 million, accounting for 25% of the total capital, Juderong, Cheng, Xiachengjiang respectively capital 1.5 million, the total share capital is 15% , the investment of boxwood flower 1 million, accounting for 10% of total equity.  The building is renamed as a new building and belongs to Minlide. This can be said to be Wenzhou fry the usual modus operandi: first, the stock exchange to sell the building without tax, for the future sale of the building left a huge profit margins; second, it is convenient to use a project as a financing platform to acquire another project.  The original Minlide six shareholders to buy new industry building, successively from Minghong investment more than 66.3 million yuan, also to the Ming Hong assets of the new Life Plaza for mortgages, loans 75 million yuan, it is this debt relationship for future trouble buried a time bomb. After that, Minlide shareholders began to look around for buyers to sell the new building.  And Minlide shareholders began to split up. April 2007, one of the shareholders Huangyanghua found the Shanghai People's Group chairman Kim Fo Irn. Huang summoned Yang Daming, Juderong, Cheng, Xiachengjiang several shareholders in Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel and talks with gold.  After the two sides established the framework of negotiations-the people's group, the company's all equity assets, that is, the new building, the value of 195 million yuan, one months to pay the full payment. It is noteworthy that Cheng is also one of the nine major shareholders of the Sino-Swiss Consortium. The next day, Cheng flew back to Wenzhou to introduce the project to the Sino-Swiss consortium, urging a shareholder meeting to discuss the takeover plan. The two major power holders almost at the same time, this once made Minlide shareholders some wandering.  Finally, the Minlide shareholders chose to sell the building to China-Switzerland. May 25, 2007, Minlide and Sino-Swiss signed the "Equity transfer agreement." Agreed to 47860,000 yuan to buy Ming Li de Equity, inject 147.14 million yuan to pay off the debt.  But the contract lacks the signature of the boxwood flower. At that time, we all informed the boxwood flower, but she said that she was on a business trip, not convenient to sign in the past.  Minlide shareholder Juderong told reporters so. And the reporter learned from a close to the incident, when the boxwood flower to get the "equity transfer agreement", found that the terms of the transaction and the original terms of the change. Previously talked about is the total purchase of 195 million yuan, prepaid 60 million, the balance in the equity transfer within one months of payment. Now the agreement stipulates that the balance will be paid within six months after the transfer.  Therefore refused to sign. The same person also revealed that Huangyanghua refused to sign the second reason, in order to facilitate the building as soon as possible, the shareholder also has an unwritten agreement-that is, which shareholder to facilitate the building of a smooth sale, grant million bonuses. "Because Cheng's introduction success let Boxwood flower is very annoyed."  "The person said.  A woman and two married and two business license appeared, it is the result of the six shareholders within the "one woman two married" behavior. Because the flower is not signed, so that the Sino-Swiss Equity transfer agreement is delayed, the Sino-Swiss side into a passive, Minlide of the transfer of equity can not handle, how to bear Minlide debt?  Obviously, the small 99 is also very fine: after 60 million to the Ming Tak equity stake in six months, enough to use the new building projects refinancing, and then pay the remaining money that is Minlide debt-the so-called building house. On the other hand, before the signing of the agreement on equity transfer between Minlide and Sino-Swiss, the proposal to sell the Minghong investment in the form of an internal auction was not won and the face was lost. Immediately Huangyanghua find Kim Fo Irn to buy the Ming Hong Investment. June 2, 2007, Huangyanghua to 265 million yuan bid price, photographed Shanghai Ming Hong Investment Co., Ltd. 100% shares and all the debt.  Kim Fo Irn became a Minlide creditor after acquiring all the shares of the investment.  Seeing the golden Gospel so readily, Minlide shareholders began to regret the decision, and began to think of Minlide's stake also sold to the Gospel of gold. September 12, 2007, the Golden Gospel under the new Lee Branch Industrial Co., Ltd. commissioned Huangyanghua 44.17 million yuan to acquire Minlide 54% of the internal equity, including Yang Daming equity. September 30, Yang Daming resigned as executive Director and legal representative and handed over the official seal and business license to boxwood Flower.  During the same period, Yeqingxiong was hired as the executive director of Ming Li de. The two sides meet in October after a long holiday to the industrial and commercial equity transfer procedures. Coincidentally, the October 7, the Sino-Swiss consortium took the lead in Wenzhou to Minlide lawsuit, Kim Fo Irn's equity transfer failed.  December 4, 2008, Zhejiang High Court final judgment in the Swiss Minlide 90% equity (excluding Boxwood flower 10%), China and Switzerland began to deal with the transfer of equity. But things changed early in the morning. December 2007 and March 2008, Ming Hong Investment is the guarantee's 75 million-dollar bank loan expires, Minlide is not able to pay the money, the bank decided to the new building to execute the auction. Kim Fo Irn with bright rainbow investment for Ming Lide also debt, as insurance, Kingfordshen asked the court to the new industry building carried out property preservation.  Thus leading to the seizure of the court, prohibit transfer.  As a result, the equity transfer in China and Switzerland also failed. After that, Kim Fo Irn and China and Switzerland have repeatedly sat down to negotiate on the issue of the creditor's rights and debts. "We will not withdraw from this fight, we must legally fight for their legitimate rights and interests."  "Kim Fo Irn said.  In fact, Yang Daming has got the Kim Fo Irn equity transfer 13.6 million yuan, and handed over the business license and official seal and other related items, according to the truth he has no relationship with Minlide, so what is the reason for him to re-enter this rotten mire? There are rumors that Yang Daming as the legal representative of the first floor two sell let the Sino-Swiss side is very annoyed, has given Yang an ultimatum, or the consequences of their own.  There is also a claim that the new industry's current market value has been 400 million, which makes Yang moved his mind. The reporter in Zhejiang High Court civil judgment (December 4, 2008), Yang Daming and other people if unable to help China and Switzerland to carry out business formalities change, must return the prior equity transfer and pay interest.  In fact, Yang Daming and other people have been in the early period as Minlide debt repayment to Minghong investment, that is, if a refund, it can only be Kim Fo Irn to the transfer of equity, and now Minlide the right to operate in the hands of Kim Fo Irn, then they are really throwing, empty-handed. May 13, 2010, two "Ming Li de" will again in court. And waiting for them will be a long way to litigation. The drama of the building has not yet ended.
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