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Recently, the major public numbers in the "Hunan Satellite TV crown fee of 900 million" and other aspects of the manuscript, one of the biggest bright spots, when the "Dad to go where 3" as high as 500 million of the total title by Yili, Mango related to the draft even claimed to be "China's largest television advertising single."

So now the question is, "Dad 3" really worth 500 million? Why does Mango have to advertise at this point in time? How much does Yili spend on marketing every year?

Han's title "non-sincerity" 500 million, Yili is not the largest single

In fact, as early as October 17, the local brand Han Yu has announced that it will cast 500 million yuan in the name of Jiangsu satellite TV "non-interference" column, so from here, Yili is neither the largest television advertising industry, nor the first single. At the same time, in Yili's 500 million total naming fee, the real naming fee is only 400 million, and the other 100 million yuan is strategic cooperation resources.

Said, because the Japanese class has been high margin high marketing industry, in recent years, many of the advertising name fees are from the day of the brand to break through: 2013, the hundred Gazelle to 70 million of the price of the special name of Zhejiang satellite TV "China good Voice 2", White is 150 million yuan total title "I am a singer 1". In 2014 years, White laundry liquid title "I am singer 2", the price of up to 235 million yuan. and Han Yu has to 240 million yuan title "not Sincere Don't disturb", 55 million yuan title "Not You Mo genus", 58 million yuan title "pattern Grandpa" and so on variety show. Recently, the Korean bunch is 500 million yuan of the grand title 2015 "Non-interference".

In a monitoring report for the four-month-old 9 satellite TV 69, the number of cosmetics in the title column is as high as 9, after 16 of the food and beverage products. and the name of more than 50 million of the day of the brand has 7.

Did Erie really take 500 million names?

Industry speculation: or for 312 million, the remaining 188 million for tie-in sales.

With ratings, "Non-interference" all the year round, and more than 2% years, and "where Dad go 2" not only a season, and "Dad 2" 50 city ratings from the first phase of 3.9% to the finale period of 2.8%, far less than the same period of "good voice 3."

But a deputy in Hunan TV advertising practitioners Small A (alias) told Small entertainment, they represent the enterprise of "Dad 3," the right to the title of the valuation is about 300 million, "from the second quarter, the whole" Dad "concern is down, there is a second season of the company also because the relevant Baidu index than the first quarter of the decline of more than 40%, and ran to find the agency's trouble. ”

In the view of little A, the title fee for Papa 3 is roughly no more than the second quarter: "The second season is in the" Dad 1 "the hottest time, when we bid enthusiasm is very high, but in fact, ratings, Baidu Index is more than" Dad 2 "" Good Voice 3 "also only 250 million, now want to think" Dad 2 " 312 million of the naming fee is overrated. ”

As an example, "Dad 3" is not as "Dad 2", placed in the tender for public bidding, but the way to buy. Small a explains: "This is mainly to facilitate the internal operation of some resources, good collocation to Yili, in order to reach the final 500 million of the total plate; On the other hand, also for November 13, in Changsha advertisement will be held in advertising preheating and media hype. According to small a understand, considering the mango advertising face problem, the real name should still be flat or slightly more than the second quarter: "312 million certainly almost, the remaining 188 million should let the Mango translated into a variety of advertising rights package." ”

500 million Super Yili net profit 10%. What exactly is the cost of milk?

According to the small Entertainment survey, the first three quarters of this year, Yili total revenue of 42 billion yuan, net profit of 3.5 billion yuan, because winter is not the dairy, beverage sales peak season, Yili in the third quarterly forecast net profit in the year around 4.5 billion.

At the same time, in order to get the net profit of 3.5 billion yuan, Yili invested 7.6 billion yuan in the first three quarter, and the advertisement for TV is included in these sales expenses. In the same period last year (the first three quarters), this figure was 6.7 billion yuan.

It can also be roughly calculated that the amount of money that Yili invested in Papa 3 amounted to more than 10% of its estimated net profit for the year of 2014, and accounted for 6.6% of the cost of the first three quarters of sales. You know, sales costs include a hard wide, supermarket admission fees, channel fees, PR fees and a series of costs, from here can also see how the dairy industry value marketing.

However, there are also advertising industry to tell the small entertainment, in fact, for Yili, "they see more of the cost of sales, that is, the amount of sales to the revenue, although from the first three quarters of last year to the first three quarters of this year, the cost of Yili's sales increased by a billion of, but the amount of revenue grew faster, So the sales cost rate is actually falling. "At the same time, she told the small entertainment," Yili this year in the first three quarters of the company's operating income growth of 14.13%, of which, the third quarter operating income growth of 16.33%, because at that time Amuchy and "China good Voice 3" cooperation, so although not all is "Father 2" credit, This is not the same year Mengniu sour milk crown "05 Super Girl" miracle, but they are willing to continue to invest money, should still be satisfied. ”

Meanwhile, there are advertising industry personnel told Small Entertainment, because Yili this year in 3, 4 line town expansion is very strong, and has been strengthening the student milk strategy, and Hunan TV is just in the National Network (70% for rural data) audience, and the influence in primary and middle school students, so "Dad 3" is similar to the development direction of Yili this year.

However, similar to the day of the industry's high sales costs accounted for, coupled with human costs, logistics costs and other hard costs, and not expensive milk, but also can not help but many users have raised their own questions: China's milk, how much is really the cost of milk?

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