The national image of the film will be unveiled in the U.S. production of commercial operation

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China's new office officials said the "character" has been completed; production to the commercial operation as the main body, the state only to subsidize (reporter Shiwei) yesterday, in the national image Promotion cooperation Framework agreement signing ceremony and press conference, the Central Foreign propaganda office, the State Council deputy director of the Information Office Wang Zhongwei in the interview with the reporter said,  At present, the national image of the film's characters have been completed, is expected to play in the United States this month. Wang Zhongwei told reporters that the national image of the film is divided into two parts, one is the angle of the article, one is the characters.  At present, the character article has been completed. "There are two versions of the characters, one is a 30-second version, one is a 1-minute version, and the two versions are mainly for different playback vectors."  Wang Zhongwei said that in the characters, Yang Liwei, Yao Ming and other areas of outstanding representatives and ordinary people are appearing in the film, showing three-dimensional China. For the national image when the film is broadcast around the world, Wang Zhongwei revealed that, according to the current progress, the length of about 12 minutes of the angle is still in the post-production process, will not be played in the near future. According to the present scenario, the completed figures are to be played first in the United States by President Hu Jintao's visit to the United States this month, and the figures will appear in relevant carriers such as American Times Square and television. Subsequently, the state's new office plans two national image films in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and other regions to broadcast, to the world to promote China's image, to the world to promote China.  In addition to the traditional media, the new office will also try to the global regions of the Internet and other emerging media to broadcast the national image of the propaganda film. In the world's major traditional and emerging media broadcast "Chinese image advertising", advertising costs who cut? In this respect, Wang Zhongwei said, in the national image of the production and delivery of film, the state is only in the image of film and production on the subsidy, put and other links to commercial operations as the main body, by professional companies to operate.
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