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Although the talent network after so many years of development, has gradually become a mature industry. But at the same time, the new thing of the development of the interconnection also brings new impact and opportunity to the traditional network. If you simply cling to the old method, it will be like a film camera replaced by a digital camera. has gradually matured micro-blogging operations, the talent network must consider the new mode of operation. Why do you say so?


Micro-blogging is a powerful extension, and micro-recruitment will become a direct competitor

Weibo users and viscosity is obvious to all, and the establishment of this user volume and viscosity on the platform, its scalability is very strong. With a variety of network operators, access to life services, micro-recruitment is already in the beginning to try. Therefore, if the micro-recruitment mature, will become a very strong talent network opponents. Rather than sit on the job, do the micro-blogging ahead of time, well ahead of users and brand reserves.

Increase the channel of promotion from passive to active communication

Talent Network as a life service type of Web site, is a specific demand for products, doomed to not too much extra traffic, that is to say, the general people are required to find work will come up. In addition to the larger scope of advertising, many traffic is directly through the search to enter the site. Therefore, the talent network in the promotion aspect is actually very passive, is oneself completes each kind of content, then waits for the user to have the demand, when wants to look for the work, again to look.

Microblogging is a very large user platform, and itself has a "concern", "forwarding" the characteristics of such communication. As long as through a variety of simple small activities, can expand the influence of the brand, cumulative focus on the volume. In this way, when the talent network released a variety of information, it can be actively placed in front of the user, from passive communication to the active transmission, to the site to bring more potential users.

Breaking through bottlenecks, switching from computer users to mobile users

We all know that the talent network is mainly set up in the computer for the client site, although a lot of talent network has opened the WAP page, but because the operation is too complicated, through the WAP page to traffic users is very little, so created a lot of traffic loss. Now the popularity of mobile networks, is no less than the computer network, is a talent network can not give up a piece of fat.

If you look closely at the source of the tweets above, you will see that users from mobile clients are far more likely to be than computer users. This is a way from computer users to mobile phone users to expand, so as to obtain a larger user base.

In short, micro-blogging operations will be an essential way to operate the network of talent, there are already a lot of talent network has poured into it. But more are as a Web site to operate, if the talent network can pay attention to this part, in the near future will allow the site to achieve greater development. This article by Gaoyou Talent Net original release, reprint please specify.

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