The net Dragon cooperates IDG Capital to build 50 million dollar special fund Mfund

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November 29 news, Cyber Dragon (stock code: 777) announced today to join IDG Capital to set up a special fund "Mfund", the two sides plan to invest 50 million U.S. dollars in the next few years, to support the mobile Internet applications, content and services of Chinese SMEs and personal developers. This is another special fund that has been set up in the mobile Internet sector this year.  Earlier, at the end of September this year, Liu, chairman of the board, announced the launch of a 10 million dollar mobile Internet venture fund in Tencent Weibo, which mainly supports the seed project in the mobile Internet field. It is understood that the Mfund Mobile Internet Investment Fund aims to promote the healthy development of the industry, cultivate the local innovation force, will focus on the rapid expansion of China Mobile internet sector.  The fund not only for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual developers to solve the financial problems, but also to provide such as development engine, key underlying technical support, tens of millions of users of the promotion platform, the World brand licensing cooperation, such as a full range of support services system. Fund Management consultant team including the network Dragon Chairman Liu Dejian, net Dragon CFO Hu Zemin, IDG Capital senior cooperation forest Pillar, IDG Capital partner Gao Xiang, former EA China general manager, Vanedge Investment company general Manager Jasonchein.  At the same time, the Fund also announced the welcome of other investors to continue to join. In the establishment of the Mfund Fund, the network Dragon also announced the official release of the 91 mobile open platform, began to provide for the developer pass, payment, friend relations, message interaction and other integrated systems.  In addition, the network Dragon will be for overseas markets to launch independent research and development with a wide range of systematic solutions to the Internet Café management software "91Cybercafe", currently has the introduction of Arabic, Spanish and English version. It is reported that the mobile Internet has become a competition for the game manufacturers. Previously, Shanda Games Vice President, 18 fund head Zoo Yurong confirmed that 18 funds have invested in the iphone, ipad platform game development team.  Nine city is the introduction of the United States mobile phone game platform OpenFeint, and around this platform layout, nine cities will be with developers to carry out the guarantee, the highest budget up to tens of millions. Network Dragon has already launched the smartphone PC end data and information management tool software 91 mobile phone assistant, and achieved a good market share. Liu Dejian, chairman of the network, has said that China's wireless internet industry occupies a more important position in China, with its huge business opportunities in the number of smartphone users and the experience accumulated by the company over the past three years in establishing and operating a digital platform. (Digging the shell net)
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