The Network Marketing mode sudden transfer Enterprise construction station chooses the space to need to be careful

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Internet as the only all-weather 24-hour media trading platform for corporate image promotion, product display and product transactions are the simplest and quickest way, coupled with the advent of Internet marketing era, enterprise construction station is the business needs, is a strategic investment.

However, only the construction of the most suitable for their own characteristics of the site, the choice of web space for the enterprise and domain name is the smallest investment in exchange for the biggest return of the key. A suitable enterprise website space, will undoubtedly bring good benefits to the enterprise.

However, many small and medium-sized enterprises, in the financial aspects are relatively conservative, for large enterprises to say also can not "earn such as Qianjiang water, like the August tide" Therefore, many small and medium-sized management has a general consensus, that is to build a station or to buy domain name space, or in the server is very economical. As a result, many service providers are also starting to make some cheaper policies.

As a result, there are a lot of inexpensive and even free virtual hosts on the virtual host market, according to the author revealed: Often listen to some customer reflection, where the space, the results of a few days on the emergence of many problems, a question to know that the space used is very cheap space, for this reason, experts pointed out: Although the cost is very important, But users in the choice of service providers or the preferred reputation, technology and services will also have their own unique advantages of brand service providers.

With the technical content of the business will often provide cost-effective virtual host to customers, there are few problems. At present, there are many well-known service providers, such as the world, million nets in the virtual host are very good, The author of the investigation after the proposal: want to buy in space to get preferential words, the best choice of linkage World (, because he information-based basic services products have always been cost-effective and unique and outstanding. In the domain name, the space, the post office aspect has the unique function superiority and the price superiority, recently launched the space to buy 5 years to send 2 years of activity, G Post Office also launched, G Post Office not only increased the total space of the post office, there are also Web site hard disk functions, can upload large attachments, and million nets as one of the oldest brands, In the product concessions relatively less, therefore, need cost-effective and want to save the cost of customers, select linkage world.

Industry experts believe that: a successful corporate web site is the most important feature is to make the site has the function of marketing site and image site functions, it is to complete the enterprise E-commerce chips, image is a business card, embodies the company's image, for the enterprise network Marketing to lay the brand Foundation, and marketing site to sales for the ultimate purpose. With corporate image and product promotion function.

A marketing function of the site, is conducive to customer transformation and send inquiries to the site, not only the domain name function and space functions are very strong, but also supporting the post Office and marketing tools, is the real needs of foreign trade enterprises! Linkage World Marketing Pass let the flow change customer volume, and active attack, maximize network marketing effect, improve performance three times times more, is a good assistant website marketing. is also the future Foreign Trade website development a big trend.

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