The network of food and cosmetics needs to recognize the electric business management mode

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Next year China will become the world's largest online retail market. However, because the market supervision of online shopping has not kept pace with the rapid growth rate, some of the electric companies lack of industry self-discipline, making consumers frequently complain. Among them, food and cosmetics, consumers online shopping is the most lack of security of the two categories.

According to the industry analysis, the current electronic business is mainly divided into joint ventures and proprietary two models. Joint venture is like leasing counters, some well-known electric commodity licensing only provide sales platform, the power to join the regulator weak. Self-management is directly operated by the electric dealer, such as Lok Bee nets, Cofco I buy nets, where customers are goods such as goods are direct bulk purchase, in the purchase process of commodity quality directly screened, from the source to prohibit three products, serial goods, parallel imports, inferior goods into the shop, the entire line to protect the quality of authentic.

Unlike the warehouse outsourcing of the joint-stock dealers, the sanitary conditions of the proprietary dealers are more transparent and more scientific to select the suitable storage environment for different commodity categories. Low-grade cosmetics such as low-temperature storage can effectively avoid the damage caused by improper inventory quality, food is more sensitive to temperature, even with the fresh products, fruits and vegetables and seafood, etc. also need to be refrigerated or frozen warehouses respectively. Self-electric dealers also have the nature of logistics, making distribution more reasonable, of which, Cofco I bought the net more realized the whole cold chain distribution of fresh food, the maximum degree of assurance of food freshness. Self-electric dealers from procurement, warehousing to the end to reach consumers in the hands of all of these links to a unified supervision and continuity of control, for the quality of goods in the entire process to provide an effective guarantee to consumers to bring more professional and more secure online shopping experience.

A professor of social relations at a university in Shanghai said that the 8084.html ">" of online shopping market is the trend of the world, the virtual nature of network transactions does not mean that we can disregard the rights of consumers, sacrificing the quality of goods, on the contrary, for the long-term healthy development of the network market, social stability Electric dealers must strictly abide by the integrity and fairness of online shopping, especially the daily necessities of food as typical representative, is the basic demand of people to ensure the quality of life, is the reliable guarantee of the public to live and work. To improve the security of online shopping and the satisfaction of consumers is a great responsibility that must not be neglected.

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