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Recently a lot of people look for our team to write and soft writing. We found a lot of stationmaster's common disease, one is lazy. Second, only care about flow and not content. Our customers have a site (to avoid the ad does not send a connection), to find us to do long tail word optimization, no matter what kind of content, as long as can be done up. After we took over, in a few weeks time to achieve the results of the customer, and then we asked the customer why to do so. Because IP goes up, the affiliate AD can have revenue-this is the customer's answer.

In fact, for the unemployed webmaster, to do a revenue site is right, because it is to maintain life and livelihoods. But is the traffic really long? You may say that some of the key words, every day people search, no matter how the site is not content. In fact, the focus of this article is to tell you why to do a good job of original and soft text promotion.

First, the soft text is a website must do. Because only good soft wen, can attract more traffic, for example, you in a well-known portal, did a report nature of the article, then if you are selling products site, it will certainly attract some customers, whether the news is good or bad. Someone will evaluate your product. For example, I have a customer's website has been only one page. We have analyzed his website and server, the overall result is that he is not in the station update, two not hair outside the chain. We have taken an effective approach. First in a station to publish the original article, and then wait for spiders to crawl after a few minutes, we put the content of the article published in a number of high weight forum, made reproduced false. High-weight forum such as A5 webmaster such a station can be. And then reprinted to the weight of the Forum article page to add our own station original link address, spiders crawl at least 10G more than a day. Such crawling speed, a small station updated all content can be included in more than 10 minutes.

The introduction of soft text flow, soft text we can through the QQ group, mass mailing, forum group, such as the initiative to let visitors to find your site, what kind of soft wen can attract people. For example, we have to publish an article on the horizon, want to be clicked, we can appropriately use some rhetorical questions, such as a singer is really a woman. Write in the article, why this site will say that a singer is not a woman, many people will be curious and click into your site, you can try to guide visitors to the collection of your address, of course, to do a good job in the early preparation, the site in advance to write good, otherwise users will not be fooled for the second time.

Original, a lot of people have mentioned to the original how to write, the network team here also a swim. We've been getting more and more original and pseudo originality recently. Found that a lot of stationmaster is not can't write original, just because lazy. Or because the money in the hands is quite adequate. In fact, the original is not as complex as imagined. First of all, we introduce the wording, if there is no substantive subject matter. Bookstores and newspapers are a good choice for you. You can write content does not exactly match the central idea of your site, but at least it is original. Try to find some books with smaller sales. Because this method has been used by many people for a long time. I wish you webmaster success.

So what is the effect of originality? Large portal sites are not less than 30-50 responsible editors per day, and they are responsible for updates to the portal station. The main reason for the high collection is that they have the news resources. We want to do original, one can get Baidu to the site goodwill, and secondly, can retain more real access to users. Without the actual content of the site, you can let the user point you several times or even more. But definitely not long-term, to have a stable customer source, you must have a certain amount of original strength. Do what others do not have to attract new visitors.

Today to talk about here, welcome you to contact me QQ 8,433,328,251 exchanges, would like to A5 Webmaster network better

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