The new engine of the ice-capital development of GEM

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& ">nbsp; August 28, 2009, China's leading venture capital and private equity investment in the field of integrated services and investment institutions-Qing Ke group and Heilongjiang Province (Harbin area) venture investment Cooperation Organization jointly sponsored the "Summer of 2009 China VC (venture capital) Summer City" in Harbin. Lenovo Investment, IDG Capital, Beijing Equity Exchange, Shenzhen Venture Investment association, such as entrepreneurs from well-known institutions at home and abroad, venture capitalists on the impact of the introduction of gem on China's venture capital, as well as how the small and medium-sized enterprises in Heilongjiang to prepare the gem to attract risk investment and other aspects of in-depth discussions and exchanges

In the Forum, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association Secretary-General Wang introduced, the GEM recommendation principle is "three high six new", that is, high growth, high-tech, high value-added; New economy, new services, rural areas, new energy sources, new materials and business models. In the SFC to accept the application of listed materials enterprises, HIGH-TECH companies accounted for the total number of nearly 50%, agricultural companies accounted for 10%, service companies accounted for 11%, new materials company accounted for 8%, the company accounted for 3%.

Mr. Gavin, president of the Qing Ke group, said in a media interview that according to the Chinese venture capital statistics report in the two quarter of this year, Heilongjiang is gradually becoming one of the active investment areas, through this forum can see the Heilongjiang Small and medium-sized enterprises on the gem and the desire for venture capital, The Qing branch will continue to work with the venture capital institutions in Heilongjiang to promote the development of local economy by attracting intellectual resources.

After the forum, Heilongjiang (Harbin area) venture capital Cooperation Organization and Shenzhen Venture Investment association signed the "Strategic cooperation Framework Agreement". According to the agreement, the two sides will be in the venture capital, projects to achieve multifaceted cooperation, and share relevant information to better contribute to the economic development of the two places.

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