The new era of venture explosion: The value of "Jing-Chuang" mode

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Google "Entrepreneurial" entry, 0.27 seconds in 366 million results, search "fine business", 0.18 seconds you will find 3.67 million results, the latter only 1% of the former, for most people, this is still a strange concept.

So what exactly is a Lean startup?

According to its author Eric Ries definition, its most basic meaning is to promote their products on a large scale before the feedback from a small number of early users and modify the product to improve, as well as the core of a set of entrepreneurial ideas.

Actuarial entrepreneurship consists of two important models: MVP (Minimum viable product, minimum feasible products) and pivot (transition).

MVP means that the entrepreneur does not have to wait until the products and services to achieve a perfect degree of perfection to be presented to the user, but should be the user into the entire product design and launch process, as soon as possible to allow more users to contact your products, collect as many real user feedback, and to reduce the risk of product launch without user welcome and constantly optimize the user experience.

The original Dropbox is a product introduction demo won a huge response, the designer is to build up the cloud storage services and confidence and further define the direction of Dropbox future development.

Pivot refers to the ability of entrepreneurs to quickly improve their products based on user and market response, which not only means functionality, interface changes, and sometimes the entire product makeover.

Flickr was originally a Canadian start-up company Ludicorp launched a online game of a subsidiary product, the results of the upload feature in the photo page, by the user's warm welcome and praise, so, Ludicorp immediately gave up the two years of online games, and then focus on improving Flickr Flickr is the best picture-sharing community in the world before being bought by Yahoo.


The greatest significance and value of "Jing-Chuang" is to provide entrepreneurs with new ideas outside the traditional entrepreneurial model.


The idea of a "lean startup" is based on this set of cyclical mechanisms, and the entrepreneur needs to do is not to create a business plan that is not in order, and to start the process in a step-by-step manner according to the plan. What entrepreneurs have to do is to put their own ideas and products on the market as soon as possible, so that users get in touch with your product at an early date.

Even if your products and services are criticized, it does not matter, because you can take this opportunity to observe the market response and product targeted improvement, has been to maintain innovation, has been to maintain respect for the user's views and attention and quickly respond to the product.

Stay focused and keep it simple

For entrepreneurs, a careful and thoughtful system is exactly what they least need, and that's what big companies do, what they need is to stay focused and keep it simple. Instead of focusing on the future of the product, focus more on the present, focusing on the development and improvement of the product.

There is no need to involve too many people in your business, and all you need is a few like-minded partners who can stick with you through thick and thin.

Refusing to burn money

The biggest benefit of the entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur doesn't have to spend a lot of money early in the product launch to advertise, the promotion, the entrepreneur can accumulate the initial user's reputation and quantity through the iterative development, waits until the product matures and obtains the market and the investor approval, then carries on the large-scale promotion-this time, The entrepreneur's product already has the basic user, and has the investor's fund in the hand.

No need to burn money for entrepreneurs has a huge advantage, on the one hand, can also reduce the cost and pressure of entrepreneurs to focus on product improvement, on the other hand, it also means that entrepreneurs do not require investors to raise funds to avoid making themselves the latter's senior wage earners.

For entrepreneurs, the future is not insipid, 99% of the entrepreneurs in the road in the road to death, but, all roads to Rome, there will always be a way to help entrepreneurs to go to the destination, and "fine business" may be so a promising way.

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