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The brewing and birth of cloud computing is accompanied by the concept of large data gradually clear, the gradual development of Internet of Things to provide a new breakthrough in the traditional industry's it. In the increasingly competitive business environment, the combination of traditional enterprises and the Internet has become an inevitable trend. Building websites on the internet and establishing the network image of enterprises has become a key development strategy of traditional enterprises. In the process of shaping a good brand, we must pursue the ultimate performance of every delicate detail. In the whole link of the construction station, the brand feeling that the domain name transmits is the first detail. Facing the need of enterprise brand building, the domain name circle emerges a dark horse ——. TM Domain name. At present, the domain name registrar new network has been opened. TM Online Registration


Trademark Professional domain name

TM is the abbreviation of trademark (trademark), which has the same value and meaning as the traditional trademark, so it becomes the "Domain name generation word" of the enterprise trademark, and has been valued and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). TM domain name as the domain name of the enterprise can be accurately passed to the consumer "brand protected by law" factual information.

Brand Equity protection

As a basic measure of brand equity protection, many large enterprises are also very optimistic. The future market value of TM domain names has been registered. At present, including Google, Baidu, Apple, Taobao, including many well-known enterprises at home and abroad have chosen to register. TM Domain name.

Domain Name Noble privilege

The new net is open this time. TM Domain name online registration price of 1200 yuan/year, must be registered for 10 years. That means choice. TM domain name, the one-time consumption of 12000 yuan. Compared with the parity. com,. cn domain name, tens of thousands of the value of no doubt make. TM became the domain name of the aristocracy, the 10 registration time for the enterprise to remove the domain name renewal of the worries. Price and Time "high threshold" also means that only have the strength of the enterprise will choose. TM Domain name.

. TM domain name because of the "trademark" of the natural good genes are favored by the world's business organizations, no restrictions on the registrant's open policy also determines the extent of its popularity, the industry also unanimously optimistic. The market potential of TM domain names. The new network is open. TM Domain name online registration, is also a harbinger. TM in the global competitive business environment will bring the brand value and unlimited business opportunities.

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