The new play of smart home in the future; the collision of optics and audio

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The idea of smart hardware

Mr. Yang first talked about the three ideas of smart hardware.

1. To make alternative products

Now there are a lot of smart hardware products only for new users, and we have to do is alternative products, so that users can be very convenient to use, we choose to use the light bulb as a carrier.

2. Each room can be applied

In the living room, you can use Whome to build economic HiFi class Home theater audio system, with friends to taste the Aegean color; in the children's room, you can create a fairy-tale world by whome fantastic music and colors. In the bar, DJ controls music and color through whome. , in stores, with different color matching scenes to show the brand's unique fashion, in the hotel, through music and color changes to relax, soothing emotions, help sleep and wake up.

Mr. Yang's view of the intelligent hardware is that the production of products to be able to in the user's life in the process of every day to appear, to be applied every day to facilitate our lives, is considered to be a successful intelligent hardware.

3. Products to be interesting

We want to move closer to entertainment, that is, the combination of lighting and music, why we choose WiFi, is to the extension of the rear platform, we do not want to push a single product today, tomorrow to push a single product, we want to build their own ecological chain.

Mr Yang also has the idea of installing a microphone in the light bulb, sometimes replacing the phone's function. Or we can apply laser projection technology to our products. It can be seen that Mr Yang wants to establish an ecological chain to be managed through whome.

Business value

Although this hardware is very small inconspicuous, but it has a high commercial value, we have to some recreational and leisure places to test water, to regulate the atmosphere, received a good market feedback. That way startups like us can open up and survive. Now the domestic smart home is not a draw, wool.

Lei Feng Network reporter in the previous article has been mentioned, the future in the field of smart home small manufacturers want to have better development, may be from the point of entry into the relatively good, because compared to large manufacturers of start-up companies can not be like large manufacturers to burn money, not to occupy more favorable resources, the market impact of small, positive competition is no different from Ishing.

Social functions

Through the perfect combination of optics and audio, we can take the interaction of independent musicians and fans in our eco-chain, and can wake up and entertain between friends, not only on mobile phones. This is an imaginative stretch of space, like the late microphone voice and so on these technologies, we will work with foreign teams, the environment is very open, they are willing to cooperate.

This passage of Mr. Yang Shook the Lei Feng network reporter, can see that Mr. Yang is a very thoughtful person, if the future can really as it said, then the future mobile terminals are not necessarily all mobile phones, began to diversify.

Promotion channels


Taobao and the carved planet we have all raised, the first batch of users has shipped, and we are also seeking feedback from the seed users, our Android app to the 1.4 version, iOS to 1.2 1, the version of a lot of updates, users are helping us to correct the improvement. The next step is the East Suning comprehensive online, Taobao and carve out the planet's all very good results, of course, the launch of the product will certainly have some bugs, but most users still understand us, willing to accompany us to grow together, we are more confident.

Offline experience

Now as the home has been determined to cooperate with us, in their lobbies and rooms will have whome, if the customer has a favorite can be directly in the home purchase, this is a good offline experience. Experience after the purchase, want to see, such as home has thousands of of such stores.

Like this offline experience is a good way to promote, in imperceptible influence every one to stay in such as home customers, I believe that if the early cooperation effect is good, the latter will be in other brands of fast hotels in large-scale applications.

Similar products on the market

There are many Bluetooth-controlled products on the market, Bluetooth is a standard technology, easier to embed, WiFi is a free protocol, why our team spent more than a year to develop this product, is spent on the WiFi protocol, involving how to adjust Ah, and so on, there are several in the WiFi, but not the way we think Is selling hardware products, and what we want to do is a scalable platform that includes social sharing, content sharing, data collection, and so on, and we don't want to look at it as a simple hardware later on.

Speaking of this paragraph, Mr. Yang stressed the free WiFi agreement, in order to overcome this difficulty, their team has been battling for more than a year, bear great pressure.

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