The new road map of the railway, the mobile client and the website performance is very different

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Since yesterday, passengers can book the train tickets for the first day of Spring Festival (January 16, 2014) via internet and telephone, and the pre-sale period is 20 days. The station window, the sale point, the vending machine and so on the ground ticket office will sell the ticket in the next Monday, the pre-sale period still is 18 days. At the same time, from 0 o'clock today, the railway to implement a new road map, Beijing to Harbin, Beijing to Guilin and other high iron to join the Spring Festival team.

More than 7 reporters open 12306 sites very fluent, but around 8:05 12306 site began to become slow. 9:04, whether it is to click on the old version of the page "buy tickets" or a new version of the entrance, refresh prompts "cannot show this page." 9:27 refresh again, 27 seconds to enter the ticket purchase page. The reporter chose several directions of the train to view, found at this time Beijing west to Changsha T87, T5, T201, T285, T289 all tickets have been sold out, Beijing west to Chongqing north of the K819, T9 hard seat tickets have been sold out, Beijing west to Fuzhou Z59 soft sleeper sales, hard seat tickets only 2. But from Beijing west to Changsha, Chongqing, other trains still have tickets, especially the votes relatively sufficient, at this time the site is all back to normal speed.

At 10, the site began to become crowded again, requiring constant refresh. 10:18 Refresh 12306 website, the page pops up a blue prompt box, prompt "Network may have a problem, please try again!" "But the page is still unresponsive after the refresh, but the time in the blue box becomes the current time." It was not until 11:30 A.M. that 12306 websites returned to normal.

Compared with the network end of congestion, at this time 12306 mobile phone client performance can be described with "excellent", almost no delay can be very smooth to open the Ticket booking page, the reporter chose Beijing station to Jinan K411 train, five or six minutes on the next single success.

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