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New site beyond the old site This is a problem many seoer will encounter, but some friends in this area does not have a specific strategy or process. We will be in the site planning process to the competitor analysis, analysis of the industry, the formulation of site optimization strategy, when to arrive at what stage, we have at least an abacus in mind. In fact, when talking about the new station beyond the old station topic, you have to mention, you must be in the same place with the old site is not far from the situation will occur, if a pure new station, this is not too much to consider, we only have formulated the optimization strategy. But if we know that there are a few strong competitors in the industry, sooner or later it will be competitive, if that is the case, we need to be prepared in advance. So what are some of the things we can prepare for? Then I will talk about my own point of view:

First of all, in the keyword selection to go beyond, in fact, said the keyword choice is more relevant than the above. For example, we want to do the word seo, then we put the dropdown box and related search words are selected. Because the word inside is the most relevant, the promotion of SEO is the biggest. This point I think for the new station is a relatively large advantage, because I often see a lot of sites do not determine the key words have not been to the latest and most related to the super potential to match. Perhaps they were most relevant when they first chose the keyword, but after so long, they did not change along with the drastic changes in user demand. For example, SEO the word just came out, the most relevant is what SEO is or what is SEO such keywords, but today's user needs have changed a lot, that is what people have to SEO is what there is demand, but is not the biggest demand, now the biggest demand is SEO tools and SEO training. The reason why a single page of Chinaz can be ranked in the forefront of major search engines is this reason, we not only need to seize the current trend, but also to grasp the future trend, only in order to surpass competitors.

The second is the structure of the site, like the general site, its site structure once determined, rarely go to the revision, which is the biggest disadvantage of small and medium web sites. If you look at those big sites, they are different degrees of revision every year, which is why users need them. Many people may say that the revision will bring bad impact on the site, in fact, small pain will greet the beautiful spring. If we are a small and medium-sized site we need to make every page carefully layout, each page as a landing page to do, inside each link to personally select the most relevant, to the greatest extent to bring value to the user. Here are two points you may want to mention, such as the latest updates and popular articles of these two, these two are many websites in the design process like to do, but this is not the best. Because the correlation is not the most relevant, it should be best for us not to call the data, because the program is not so smart after all. If we make recommendations artificially, we believe the relevance or the user experience is good. Of course this is only suitable for small sites, if like some large portals, must use the program, but if we are small and medium sites, this we can grasp very well. In fact, there are a lot of details on the structure of the site can be said, today only picked a few more easy to make mistakes and worthy of improvement to chat with you.

Moreover from the user needs level to surpass, this year has the user to have the world. If your site can have a lot of loyalty powder ratio, then you can completely ignore the search engine. For example, like Taobao can be challenged with Baidu, you can block it. Facebook does not give Google to crawl hurt is Google, others have the courage, it called the user's world. Of course we may not be able to do like Taobao, Facebook, but we have to move in this direction, to win the loyalty of our website fans, how to get fans? This will be from the user needs analysis, who the more thorough user analysis, who will be able to seize the user, who grabbed the user who won the search engine , and it will be a strong and constant situation.

There is the change, the change is to beat the old system, the establishment of a new system. For example, there is such an industry, the company name and people named such business, at that time the business is charged. Direct one to find another mode of profit, people do not need to rely on the name to make money, they played free name of the signboard. Those who charge the nature has been greatly hit, the site has sprung up. Those who follow the imitation of the site will follow, who imitate the sooner who has the advantage. The winner is the one who leads the industry. It seems that the change is not for every industry, but this is the most effective way to go beyond the old and powerful competitors, the industry needs to change, you are willing to be the leader, you are sure to succeed.

Finally, in the algorithm beyond, I always think SEO is a very technical content of the work. Who can master more and better algorithms, who will be better able to win in search engines. SEO is a constantly changing industry, today's algorithm is so, tomorrow's algorithm is like that, so we should work harder to grasp the latest SEO technology, build a huge circle of contacts, search engine any trouble, our site can be adjusted in time. So that our site is in the forefront of the situation under the competition, even if someone else did earlier than us, have domain name advantages, have the advantage of trust, have the advantage of the chain, but these are needed time to go beyond. But if we can do all of these points to make up for the disadvantages of our site, we can go beyond our competitors in a short time. Beyond the competition is actually a lot of ways, but I mentioned these points are the fastest and most effective, but want to do is not easy, but we must go to this, because the SEO industry will be more and more competition, the road more and more difficult to go. We have to be ready to go the hardest to go to the most recent one, I hope this article on those who do not understand or how to go beyond the seoer have some guidance, article content by the Taiwan Spring Pump Share, Surpass the competitor is the eternal topic between Seoer, the author also expects to do more exchanges with everybody, welcome reprint as well as with the author exchanges, thanks.

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