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Do not know if you have not encountered this situation, the new station just built soon be Baidu included, but then a few days are not included in other pages, and snapshots are not updated, like this Site Fish Web page is so, the site was three days Baidu included, At the outset that happy Ah, also be more satisfied with the results, thought that the 2nd day will begin to add other pages, wait until the 2nd day did not, until the third day or no, only included the home page, and the snapshot date has not changed, really depressed.

Later on the Internet to find a reasonable explanation is: general flow. Soon included 1 pages to 3 pages, 7-15 days after the normal collection, soon included 1 pages 7 days after normal collection. If in this period of time Baidu think you cheat or garbage station will immediately refuse to collect! In short, Baidu only included the first page is the new station observation period. It seems my station is listed as need to observe the site, to be careful to control good degrees, can not optimize the transition, can not soar outside the chain, obediently write original, hehe.

Recently published articles on A5, Google found some sites reprinted my article, Haha, has the effect, also checked the next Baidu, also in the snail-like increase, or can, estimated a week after my collection will be normal, do stand really need patience ah.

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