The new Stationmaster's collection doubt and the peach Blossom Luck

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First of all, to give you a wake-up call: (I just because of the upload of the additional format is not written for half a day of the article did not (embarrassed) so everyone good is on the machine to make a draft, also known as a draft of bragging.

I am a new webmaster, just made a station, and many new webmaster like, station do how to promote it, how to let more people to see it!? My friend made a stand in Baidu post bar crazy propaganda, less than 2 hours, Baidu directly play out a, your domain name XXX is a permanent ban, Khan AH * * and is pinned on Baidu let Baidu included is obviously a little iffy, look at the online Baidu legend, hey ... Love Dearly AH * *

But I know a little so search engines love new articles, that is, original articles, crawl and reprint often do not get their favor, then we do not know that the dead end in favor of death. So, original add reprint on the stage. The above wrote a lot of why for the engine I only say Baidu! In fact, for a reason, because my site has more or less 7 days to let those engines included, now is Baidu and Sogou, as for Sogou I do not talk about, as if he is searching and higher than the search, generally are other searches are included a lot of, His only began to collect, it seems to be a high starting point, like the real star hotel in the beginning of the first of all.

Baidu is not a problem, online SEO articles are also a dime, cloth such as stars, as the largest search engine in China he does not include, not we scold is the problem, included is the king.

Now my file, article, the number of files added up also but 100 has 50, the content of less may not be included in one of the reasons but, other search engines are included in the collection but let me have a suspicion of his mechanism, Baidu temporarily touch the mind, In the meantime the most let me feel a sense of achievement is the Google included, probably is the website release the 4th night, I went to apply for a Ggad, namely GG advertisement, this I am not very understand, anyway I feel if gives the Google a information he certainly will not ignore, but has a secret inside, is, Not only did I apply for the advertisement the most important thing is that I have complained about my website to Google, and I think it is the core reason that my website can be collected quickly.

That's what I think. If you're disappointed with an impending concern, published in advance of their own negative information, it will certainly speed up his search for you, since the search engine often said how human nature, it must be nothing more, this truth, fruit is not, the second day Oh Oh, ah, the most hateful Baidu, When can be included, other search I think the general in a week will be on your site attention, if there is a good article, he did not have his own collection is not a problem, is the so-called: then the good and from it, then the people do not accept it. Article to this, but also hope that the Baidu has a specific specific friend to help, small station in this first sense, the website address is: you look, first of all Baidu will be interested in me not.

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