The night watchman in singles ' Day is not a fight, it's a power dealer.

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The night watchman at The Bachelor's Day is not a struggle for electricity.

Luckily, unfortunately, I'm both.

To this day, I am afraid that there are not too many people will laugh at Ma Yun that the general appearance of aliens, but no one told him you this road impassability. In fact, when someone succeeds, people consciously ignore the original ridicule. Ma Yunzhi Chuma triumphantly, it is astonishing. A Ma Yun stood up, thousands of idiots down, who for Ma Yun do wedding clothes?

Taobao Wall Street bells, Ma Yun again smiled. From last year to this year, I was fortunate enough to participate in the double xi., but this time I can be a more sober spectator.

Some people say, Ma Yun should laugh, because so much money always have his. I would like to say that there are always some people like to lose money to make a yell, and some people are willing to use these yell to empty more people's pockets.

A lot of people like to clean up on Taobao, the wonderful person has said that the double 11 to eat a daily bubble noodles, and Taobao is the red fruits of the play to let this double 11 fill the hearts of all the vacancies. But, the purse is flat, the heart will certainly be filled? Look at the size of Taobao business, perhaps the initiative may be a passive or ignorant to join the two 11 of the war, how many merchants will fill the purse? How many businesses have bitten off their teeth and swallowed them in their stomachs? Unknown。 Send the shop red envelopes, days cat send red envelopes, play games get red envelopes, red envelopes will be in double 11 this day bloom, like the fireworks in the night, illuminating the sleepless night. However, with this day for one months, a quarter, or even a year, is it worth it? Taobao and the cat's big business must rely on this abnormal electrocardiogram to win their own brand and profit? More unknown.

Can not solve the Taobao cat size business then embarked on a loss to make a yell of the road, for Ma's consumers dedicated this one after another singles feast, for Taobao business data and fill some blanks. Fireworks dispersed, how will these cannon fodder from the place? Is it going to continue to be used, or is it to give away this seemingly delicious piece of chicken?

Let's talk about consumers. Last year I have said that consumers are in fact also passive as Taobao props. This year, I still want to say, this is absolutely certain. Someone said, I would rather be used, I absolutely agree with both hands. After all, as a practitioner of e-commerce and marketing, I know how deep the water is. From the professional point of view of marketing people, Taobao this time again played a beautiful battle. Also beneficial to consumers, let consumers take the initiative to participate in the double 11 into a fixed business atmosphere, where the defeat?

A year only for this day, Ma Yun steady earn not compensate. As a result, every year, the return rate, fake complaints, and logistics turtles are buried in the huge sales figures. People in the cheap, automatically ignore the grievances they have suffered, automatically forget the use of Taobao, the next double 11, people are still there.

Double 11 of the Morning, Dark night, Ma Yun put on a gorgeous wedding dress in Taobao city through, smile, wave. Those who make the wedding dress for Ma Yun's face is vague.

Who sold the merchant's children, who really benefited, traffickers know the heart-Vindau, will eventually win!

We really don't need the electric dealers to go all the way--happy soap bubbles.

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