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Now the host provider a lot, and the market is chaotic, so the webmaster in the purchase of space time, face a great risk, from Baidu to Google, waste a lot of time and energy, but finally may not buy the right space. Because there are a lot of links, as long as a mistake, the overall error, before that, say, my experience.

I was the webmaster origin, in 2004 I began to do the station, all the way, experience is quite a lot, during the period did a station, moving easy system. It's about computer tutorials, pr=3, development is very good, but then did not develop, because I that time in school, not a lot of money, space to find a cheap, backstage database has been full, the site is not updated, and then did not adhere to, in fact, now think about, if now adhere to, it must be very NB.

Now I do the server space, to these have been very understanding, so our customers in the purchase of space time, I will give them to say something like this. Let them notice, no longer make me such a mistake. In addition, I remind webmaster, in the purchase of space time,

First, do not only look at the price, because there is the cost, if you covet price, the chance of being cheated will be bigger, not to say must be deceived. So here's a reminder of who's going to buy space.

Second, buy space is spectator clothing, look at the technology, see their ability to solve problems, see their problem-solving time, because in China, space is generally a one-year period, so the time after the purchase of space, can not guarantee that the server does not go wrong, in the time of the problem is to test their time. By the way, we, from the webmaster origin of us, the most important to feel the webmaster.

Third, it has been said that the 21st century is the most missing compound talents, so do server space this line, also need to compound type of talent, dare not say our company are compound talents, but I to the site operation, server management, have some insights and understanding, so in and I communicate time, webmaster common problems, I can solve , and, in the long-term and webmaster exchanges, in their own experience, there are a lot of web operations knowledge and experience, if become our customers, I will make a lot of constructive suggestions to you, so that the site from the speed, to the concept of the overall improvement.

Finally, I hope to become friends with you, let us work together for your website service. My qq:393001886 hope to communicate.

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