The novice stationmaster compares oneself the establishment station process

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The old birds can fly. The new bird might as well look at the contrast with its own station process. Please forgive me for not writing well

1) data to determine the direction of investigation phase

A clear understanding of the current development of the Internet and similar site development, operating conditions, especially similar sites, it is best to seriously calm down to study peer site, peer site is a best learning object, you must remember to avoid weaknesses. Absorb their strengths, find their own advantages, and at this time must be their own advantages of a purposeful display. Identify the theme of your site and find a good starting point.

2 What is your imaginary website like?

Doing a website is not to say blindly do. Let it be, he finally developed into what he looked like. Everything is in advance. So be sure to write a plan. Let your website follow your own imagination. If you don't know what your website will look like. Then others are the same. So be sure to pay attention to this. Although this is a very small point. But a lot of people just don't pay attention. I've seen a lot of webmaster friends. When you see someone else's updates, you change them at any time. Keep changing. Changed to later did not own characteristic. Make your site into a sibuxiang. It is understandable that innovation and the benefit of the people. But if you blindly absorb the benefits. Doesn't that turn out to be bad? There are so many sites in the world that have advantages. You must find the best fit for your website before you change it. Avoid blindness.

3 Locate the website. What are the advantages of your website?

What is the advantage of your website? The stationmaster encountered this problem. The mind should be clearly visible. If you encounter this problem in the mind is a mess, then your users will go? Even I do not know where the advantage. What is the user's clearer experience? Design time in addition to highlighting their own site advantages, but also pay attention to the design layout style. It would be best if you could form your own design style. Don't forget, OH. Color unification or a logo unification is a small detail, but these are the small details that can help you win a loyal customer.

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