The number of high-net layoffs is now close to 500.

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Washington (Reporter Li Bin trainee reporter Zhang) for the recent uproar over the high net of the big layoffs, the staff's deputy lawyer Zhao occupation revealed yesterday, at least Qinhuangdao, Yantai, Nanning and other 13 local stations were withdrawn, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Fuzhou and other 18 stations carried out some layoffs, The number of layoffs is now close to 500. He is now being commissioned by some of his colleagues in Tianjin, and is preparing to apply for Labour arbitration.  At present, senior friends do not have any mail and announcements for clear redundancy instructions and uniform compensation provisions. Lawyer Zhao told reporters that each region's progress is not the same, Tianjin region, including Tianjin, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and other places, before the employees were informed of compensation is half a month's salary, while the Shanghai region, the editorial department of 50 employees and the subsequent two negotiations 60 employees, a total of 110 employees, Negotiate a settlement with high friends for a 2-month salary. But the salary does not include any normal wages in the transport, accommodation and other subsidies, he said that will be resolved through a separate negotiations, more than 10 employees in Taiyuan City yesterday to negotiate with senior friends, and reached the same settlement with the Shanghai region.  Beijing has more than 50 employees and Zhao lawyer contact, commissioned to solve the compensation plan. For this layoff, Gao Peng Response said, Gao Peng is indeed in the moderate business optimization, will be in the development of more mature medium and large cities to allocate more resources. The company will give compensation beyond the legal requirements for the staff being cut.  And Zhao lawyer said, up to now, high-peer headquarters has not had any mail and announcements on the provinces to reduce the compensation program for a unified, comprehensive arrangements. Industry personage Jie pointed out, the layoff mainly is the bad result that the early stage buys the website blindly expands, the group purchase website blindly expands, the management is chaotic, the service quality is repeatedly the consumer complains, now buys the website already to enter the winter, the financing is difficult, the gross profit is very low, the survival difficulty,
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