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The former, the Shell network media brand "theme Station" revision for the new brand "science", a netizen asked a question: "The shell Net ' theme Station ' revised into ' scientific people ', the content and input resources will have any changes?" How to develop the shell net? ”

The following article is written to respond to this question, and also a long time outside of the shell model of some problems.

I don't know when the internet industry likes the word "beginner".

"Scientific communication" is the beginner of our team.

In the 2004, I published my first work in the Newton Science World, in this field for a whole decade. The chief editor of the Nutshell Net, from the commentary author turned into a scientific editor, also has ten years; COO Liade, a graduate of the chemistry department of the Internet, made a contribution to me six years ago ... Over the past four years, colleagues from all walks of life have flocked to this ideal. Those who have been with us for many years, recognize the same reason.

To the user, the science spreads this matter, what is the essence?

My answer is: Bring the advanced lifestyle to some people.

Whether it's a rational choice of cosmetics, or looking for their own fitness methods, spend time practicing the Pap brushing method, through the most popular online learning resources to improve their own ... You are aware of the more advanced lifestyle and change yourself. As an entrepreneur and a science disseminator, my challenge is how to find the development model while preserving beginner.

At first, the shell network wanted to build a community through a pan-scientific discussion. Soon faced with the problem: to choose to become a growing, users more and more complex community? How about 10 times times bigger?

Historically, none has spared the high quality content community once it starts to run for flow and content, it is far from the original adjustment. A community with a strong temperament, like a nutshell, will face even greater shocks. Are we really willing to do a miscellaneous site? Try to go for a long time and change your mind. Our answer is: no longer simply by accelerating the expansion of user volume to cash out, but in the content of the redevelopment and user cluster value to do deep digging, intensive cultivation.

To realize effective realization, only by stacking content is not enough, must sink into the industry. Scientific communication has not yet become an effective industry, we must find specific industries. After getting a B-round investment early last year, the shell began to deploy a sinking strategy.

The preferred industry is online education. From the nutshell community hatching child brand "Mooc College", a year, gathered the online education era of the best quality of a group of audiences, as the global online education content of the Chinese user portal, docking more than 20 international online education website, and some platform to establish strategic level of cooperation. I call this model "study in the online age", the next path is not difficult to imagine.

With high-quality content and social media layout low-cost access to high-quality audiences, the establishment of a potential energy brand, and then sinking to specific industries to solve the problem, this is the shell of the answer. As a scientific disseminator, the way of communication is more abundant; as an internet entrepreneur, I see opportunities to segment the industry from a professional perspective. Play a lot, suddenly enlightened.

Faced with another problem: the shell of the media attribute heavy, UGC not pure, investors do not like.

Because, most of the time, science facts are anti cognitive instincts. Science is not the decision of most people, can not rely on voting to forward the election, adhere to a scientific conclusion often means challenging day-to-day cognition. Therefore, the shell presents a distinct value, media attributes heavy.

Work is also more and more "heavy": in order to ensure the scientific nature of the output, we set up a professional editorial and external experts team; In order to report the most comprehensive research progress, we should deep into the field of scientific research, connect with the scientific research institutions, universities, government departments; Before each case to determine whether to stand on the science of the feet, to this end refused a lot of cooperation.

But to do so, the shell became a respected, resounding brand. There may be very few early Internet brands that can work with international agencies and 500-strong companies in such a high frequency. A brand marketing predecessor said to me, "Nutshell is a rare, temperament good brand, have outstanding personality attributes, occupy a category, this very rare."

The result of good temperament is that the user recognition is high. There are 500,000 of users in the community talking about the knowledge and technology behind beauty care, and 300,000 of users ' lingerie groups discuss "Finding the best bra for every sister" ... Wait a minute. This is "Science in life".

Temperament good result is, the netizen and our spiritual connection is very strong. Beginning last year, the shell tried to line activities, "million young stewed" open source management, the effect is very good, now every week there are 2-4 hundreds of people in different cities to organize activities, completely by the Netizen planning, organization. In Shanghai, a number of schools in the Pilot million Youth Association, affiliated school Youth League, but also stable operation.

Because the brand temperament is good, the user recognition degree is high, a large number of first-line commercial brands actively seek our cooperation, this year this part of the expected income is very good. Next we'll try a lot of fun playing in the brand and the fan economy.

Many years of Internet users to my message,

"You have changed", "You are becoming more and more like a businessman."

How to say, this is the first choice this road must face the change AH. I began to realize that personal ideals are worthy of respect only when the ideal of an enterprise is realized synchronously.

Be patient and watch these things get better, no more shouting.

Go back to the "beginner" question that you started talking about. Because in the choice of the mode of ploughing, now, we have the opportunity to return to the original point, to do a valuable, textured scientific communication brand.

In the nutshell "Good big Disk Chess", "The Science person" This new brand, is not changes the name and the layout is so simple. Since last year, we have established cooperative relations with Nature,science two major international academic journals, and the speed of global scientific media looting, increasing the proportion of direct dialogue scientists ' articles, and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology to try to collaborate on "face-to-face with the scientists and the Media" project, aimed at opening up the communication channels of top scientists Let the scientific community sound in the first time without losing true to the reliable media.


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