The O2O system in the era of tribal electrical business should be based on the O2O of fans

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The O2O system should be based on the O2O of the fans rather than the o2o! of the products.

Now the mobile phone has entered the so-called 020 era, the most typical is Wang O2o, he wants to through the offline integration of the customer's aggregation, in turn to increase his shopping volume, through the experience to create his more customer aggregation. Is this right?

But I think this way of thinking should still stay in the electricity quotient 1.0 times, or he forgot the entire mobile Electricity Business Foundation, the mobile electricity merchant most important foundation, the life is bigger than the business. So the essence of O2O is not the product of the O2O, how online down to experience the product of the O2O, but we say the fans O2O.

In fact, when the mobile phone company returns to the life of each of us, in fact, through mobile phones to create a trans-space, the way people interact. In this sense, the actual O2O today should be a return to the traditional sense of the brand. For example, in the early years of the whole poly-tak and other old Chinese brands, how they create their own business? That's Word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth, in fact, is the era of mutual transmission between fans.

Based on the fan system O2O how to do!

Today, the O2O of the mobile electricity business can be considered by another angle. How to interact with a handful of fans on the line, to achieve online communication, online aggregation discussion, and then to the online dissemination of such a closed-loop fan ecology, our small company alliance is to do so, through the line gathered up later, walked into the line, and then spread through the line. The final form of a line under the resonance of the strong relationship between the fan tribe.

Based on the O2O system of fans, I think the most valuable part is actually offline. The regional leaders of the alliance of small companies, should be more in the region, in this way the like-minded group of people together.

The party has content, content can be discussed, there is discussion of the other people can join, you can fission.

Based on fan system O2O under the Haier pre-sale!

Fans of the O2O era, if magnified to commercial words. For example, I do Haier, then today I do one more thing, this thing is based on the spirit of Haier. For example, Haier's cartoon image to become a fan. The fan goes down the line and does some discussion about the event. In turn through these fans to spit out its products, do not say like, called spit, some people may think there is something wrong or think there are other things will spit.

With the logic of the tribal electrical quotient, you will find that the so-called love will criticize you or criticize you for loving you.

This way, you can imagine that a large amount of money into the operation of the fans, two or three years later will form China's largest household appliances, a fan group. And such a group of people they worship a certain kind of life style, they will form a strong point. This in turn will form a strong ordering system, which is called a predetermined system.


The new era of mobile electricity, in fact, its most basic source is still the aggregation of people. Behind the aggregation of people is the aggregation of values and interests, including the aggregation of life preferences. To achieve this, offline fans of the O2O is the fundamental or source of the system.

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