The old Shi Yuzhu "shake hands" every guest borrows giant to enter the game industry

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Everyone who Vancl the goods has heard a story. If not the Shi Yuzhu of the "disruptive", aged now may be in the game circle toss the wind, no today's customers and E-commerce. Now the two companies will launch a very dramatic color of deep cooperation, where the guests and Giants "shake hands" to borrow Daojingjun game industry.

According to people close to old memories, that part of the past is such a--2004 years, leaving the excellent old hand lei two times to start a business, stared at the virtual products trading is very hot online games market, founded the Virtual goods trading field of the company my friend Net. But the plan not to change fast, to "brain Platinum" marketing miracle and famous Shi Yuzhu suddenly killed into the online games industry, announced all free online games, even to the game players pay, the move will be online market stirred up, also let aging, lei unprepared.

"Shi Yuzhu this guy suddenly, stirred our good idea, let our original idea fall empty, I have net also can say is failed." "Old once said to the media. Give up I have the net after aging back to E-commerce, where guests born.

According to every guest side confirmation, will carry on the deep cooperation with the giant, test water has 70 million groups of game player market. This has been another big move since this year, after "spring, no Fear," "I love you, no fear," and millet marketing.

According to the partnership plan, the first outcome will be the introduction of specially tailored apparel products for the player group. It is reported that the giant's "Fairy World", "Washi Wrath", "Journey 2" and other core products to the other open authorization, jointly develop the theme of the player's clothing and merchandise. At the same time, the two sides will also be tailored to the game players in the "player" as the theme of the trend T shirt. Both sides will call including where Sir Network recommended, giant online clients and other advantages of resources, joint marketing offensive. In the future, the two sides also plan to launch a joint development attempt on the game side.

The ChinaJoy game show, held in Shanghai at the end of July, will be a great opportunity for the game industry. At that time, visitors will be stationed in the giant booth, in which to open cooperation zone. The giant stands at Hall 1th, one of the most watched booths each year. In addition to showing the first batch of product development for the player group, where the customer is expected to start in the autumn new products, the recent distance to young players to show the company's philosophy. As a customer community marketing platform for the protagonist of "Every guest talent" will also participate in the activities of the scene, playing showgirl and game player activities, live to convey every guest in the young people's spirit and attitude.

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