The old station optimization must not be overly optimized to get a stable ranking

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Advertising Alliance evaluation as webmaster has been three or four years, in this period found that the old station optimization is not easy, even 8630.html "> sometimes more difficult than the new station, because the old station ranking often unstable, very egg pain." After many summaries, finally found the problem, that is, over optimization.

What is it called over optimization?

Case one: Too much anchor text

A Web site adds anchor text to a large number of articles. Perhaps a lot of seoer know, anchor text for optimization does have some help, but too much anchor text will only cause excessive optimization.

Case two: Outside the chain of garbage

The webmaster will pay attention, Baidu has repeatedly explained that the chain of the site will be punished, the so-called mass chain, there must be outside the chain of garbage included, and once a large number of garbage outside the chain or mass outside the chain, then it is too much optimization.

Old station optimization difficult, ranking instability, this problem for the old webmaster has been commonplace, but as long as you find out the reason, will be solved! Article from the Advertising Alliance evaluation Http://, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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