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Now free marketing and viral transmission has been the overwhelming majority of marketers relish the marketing method, a few days ago to see the Yunnan satellite TV documentary "From 1910 years of the train", just know as early as a century ago, the railway operators have used these marketing tricks.


"Train from 1910 years" title (Network video screenshot)

The Yunnan-Vietnam railway, which was built a century ago, changed the backward mode of transport of "Ma Lai" in Yunnan in the past thousands of years, effectively strengthened the relations between Yunnan and foreign countries, and even became "a strange" in "Yunnan 18 Strange"-"the train does not pass through the country".

Moreover, even the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway has had a great impact on the fate of the ill-fated Chinese modern history--it has achieved the "Wuchang of Yunnan," pretexting to Japan to cure the general Cai on the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway train arrived in Kunming, successfully launched the Yuan Uprising, and in the early days, from the Japanese completely blocked the coastline of mainland China, By the end of the Japanese occupation of Hanoi, the Yunnan-Vietnam railway has become the only access to foreign aid supplies.

According to the statistics of the film, Yunnan-Vietnam Railway material volume far more than the later on the Yunnan-Burma Highway and the "hump route" combined transport.

Amazingly, the railway, which has a great historical significance to Yunnan and even the whole country, is facing a marketing dilemma when it is opened to traffic: few passengers, no one dares to ride it-not only that, Yunnan's various sectors of the railway hostile sentiment is very strong, when the first train arrived in Kunming, As the national elite of the Yunnan Army Jiangwu students, group to Kunming railway station parade protest.

Think of the natural, such a lightning "monster" is daunting, completely beyond the time of the people's overall imagination and cognitive level-it is more than the wood flow of Zhuge Liang's cattle and God to do the Tai Dai Zong horror more; Who knows what Center in their hearts--"Not my race, its heart will be different."


Trains on the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway (network pictures)

In the face of this series of marketing dilemma, the French operators of the "Yunnan-Vietnam Railway" have seen the inconvenience to the residents of Yunnan's ethnic groups along the railway line--wagon caravans and even people picking horses, in urgent need to improve the potential real demand for traffic. They know that the most important thing is to "speak with the facts", so that the people who are conflicted and oppose the Yunnan-Vietnam railway will see "What the train can do for them" in order to really dispel their resistance against the sentiment.

To this end, the French operators have implemented a series of promotional tricks-take the train for free, not only so, on the train, the French also free supply of passengers, such as fruit sugar at that time ordinary people rare taste of small food.

In the face of such a strong marketing offensive, gradually some daring and the temptation of the fruit is not persuaded to do the "people eat Crabs", "Kayang" to sit on the train, a feel really good, more than riding a carriage faster and more comfortable. So these taste the sweetness of the people became the Yunnan Railway live advertising, all around, touched more people's curiosity, a time "You take the Train", became the fashion greetings of Yunnan People, the Yunnan-Vietnam railway has ushered in its heyday. I think this is at least one of the earliest successful free marketing and "viral marketing" cases in Yunnan history.

This is very enlightening, in modern business society, "marketing is not omnipotent, but no marketing is absolutely impossible." Any product service for the benefit of others can not be separated from the necessary marketing promotion-it needs through appropriate marketing tools and inputs, in order to make a new product advantage in a faster time for potential target customers familiar with the effective elimination of the general hostility and concerns of potential users, and then build Word-of-mouth, in order to truly constantly open up the market, occupy the market, To achieve greater business gains.

Even then, the Yunnan-Vietnam railway, with its unrivalled core competitiveness, also need to adapt to local conditions, from the marketing audience point of view, to reduce themselves to the audience level, to take the vast majority of marketing audiences generally acceptable marketing methods, cleverly carry out marketing, constantly highlighting their service characteristics, "Let everyone tell You" , win the user's approval, cultivate the development market, can truly succeed.

It must be pointed out that the ingenious and timely marketing publicity is to break the "good wine also fear alley deep" marketing dilemma good way, but all marketing is content marketing in the final analysis, only if you have a "good wine", some sophisticated marketing tools can be used to really overcome the "alley deep" to promote the plight.

The Yunnan-Vietnam railway marketers adopted a free marketing model, which is extremely ingenious. But if the Yunnan-Vietnam railway did not surpass the traditional transportation mode of the core competitiveness-for example, the Yunnan-Vietnam railway has now stopped, let you "free ride plus the distribution of fruit sugar" marketing tricks, can not really achieve a reputation, occupy the marketing purposes of the market- This is the first revelation that the railway marketers of Yunnan and Vietnam gave us.

Second, from the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway free marketing experience, free goods (services) not only to provide users with unique user value, and such free service must pay attention to high quality (such as Yunnan more not only faster, and more comfortable and safe), can achieve predetermined marketing results.

Free service is to promote their own brands or other more valuable commodity services in a wider range of their own (or all) valuable services (commodities) free of charge to others to use the promotion strategy. In this sense, the free service also has "free" and "false free" points, not any provision of no fee-free product services is the service--now too many domestic marketers are claiming that "free" is actually worthless to the user "false free."

From the above analysis, the choice of free service mode to promote the business must be cautious, because in the commitment period although you do not have income, but you must also do their best to maintain high-quality service standards, to provide users with high quality of free service-otherwise, because you do not meet the service commitment of free service, Not only can not achieve the business scheduled promotion effect, and if because you provide free service is not in place, resulting in loss of users, you may also assume legal responsibilities (such as the April 2010 KFC "Super Tuesday Seconds Kill door").

What's more, the ultimate goal of any marketing is to earn a bigger business interest-"free marketing" is no exception. Once the free marketing model is used, it means that the enterprise has given up the regular income of the manager for a period of time. Income generation must be surprisingly high – or, as with the operators of the Yunnan-Vietnam railway, to put revenues behind the higher earnings of future operations brought about by free promotion, or to place marketing on value-added services that appear to be unrelated to the main free business , "the loss of embankment outside the embankment"-with free service focus on the popularity of value-added services to achieve profitability. The most typical example is Google, the search business is free, but the search for free services to gather billions of users, but makes Google become the Internet's most valuable advertising platform, easy to profit.

Whether it is free marketers to take this kind of profit, must be in insight into the overall market development level and the psychological basis of potential users, bold innovation, otherwise simply for free and free, such free marketing will be difficult to follow, or will completely become a cheat consumers.

It is in the essence of free marketing insights on the basis of understanding, Ma Yun will be quite sigh to say: "Free is the world's most expensive things."

But the classic marketing example of the Yunnan-Vietnam railway proves that all marketing is not easy, as long as you do your homework, often the "most expensive" way to promote is the most profitable (this article by Gouyn12 original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reproduced, please link to the form of the article to indicate the starting source http:// and this statement, thank you.

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