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On the internet, there is a very hot topic on "Why did you leave XXX?" But in my opinion, this may be a conspiracy of headhunters ... From the beginning, "Why did you leave from Grand?", A Grand departure of the buddies rely on Tucao fire, and then competing platforms reproduced, the specific content can search to view historical news. Well, bird brother and everyone together to take a look, "Why did you leave from X?" Some God reply to this question:

Why do you quit from Tencent?

Anonymous: That is because 360 ​​gave me x3 salary.

Why do you quit from Douban?

Anonymous: I just want to try to mention leaving the post will not someone to stay me, but no one left the result, so I simply left T ^ T

Anonymous: As a programmer, I never work overtime, making me feel empty.

Why do you quit from the new East?

Anonymous: They say that I teach the food is not good!

Why did you quit from your knowledge?

Anonymous: Because Beijing air is poor.

Why did you quit from Ali?

Anonymous: leave is do not want to "victimize the female boss," all kinds of cooperation is not happy. The first female boss was fired, the second had facial paralysis and divorce, the third husband hung up, the fourth please sick leave more than a year. . .

Why did you quit from everyone?

Anonymous: a company where the retention rate is not high, how to retain the user?

Why did you quit from XX?

Anonymous: money, did not give enough. Heart, grieved. Ma speaks. :)

Why did you quit from millet?

Anonymous: Because I became a tyrant, no longer adapt to millet reeling culture.

Why did you quit from Thunder?

Anonymous: the size of the week has led to been single. . .

To put it plainly, what are the main reasons for employee turnover?

Ma said: There are many reasons for the departure of employees, only two of the most real:

1, money, did not give place;

2, heart, grieved.

These are in the final analysis: doing bad mood. The reason why an employee is trying his best to leave for the past is to save face and not to say how rotten your management is. He has been disappointed with you. Think carefully, really human nature. As a manager, be willing to reflect on.

With the team, you have to ask yourself, why should people mix with you?

1 with the team to do these 8:

(1) delegate to fish: to the staff to feed their families money.

(2) To teach people to fish: ways and means of teaching staff to do things;

(3) delegate to desire: to motivate the desire of employees to make progress, so that employees establish their own goals;

(4) delegate to entertain: to bring happiness to work, so that employees get happiness;

(5) To teach people to stupid: Tell the team to do things solid, prudent, wise, can not take shortcuts and opportunistic.

(6) grant case: to create the team growth, learning, development opportunities, achievements in life.

(7) Honor people: to help members of the team get spiritual praise, in order to become more valuable war, the light Zong Yaozu

(8) To grant people to the universe: up to the soul level, epiphany the wisdom of the universe, enjoy life.

First-class managers: do not do their own, subordinates happy dry;

Second-rate managers: do not do it yourself, subordinates desperately dry;

Third-rate managers: do not do their own, subordinates initiative dry;

Fourth-rate managers: their own, subordinates followed dry;

Fifth-rate managers: their own, subordinates nothing to do;

Solemn managers: their own, subordinates in the dry.

2. [Nine section manager practice]

A paragraph: lead by example, worthy of example.

Sec: to help subordinates, selfless dedication.

Three sections: enlightenment subordinates, as teacher table.

Four paragraphs: establish rules, build team.

Five paragraphs: Efficient motivation, leadership thinking.

Six paragraphs: overall planning, scientific management.

Seven sections: strategizing, winning a thousand miles.

Eighth paragraph: the system is inspiring, culture condensate.

Nine sections: the organization winning, everlasting.

3. 【How to retain talent? 】

Must give employees 4 opportunities: work opportunities, opportunities for making money, opportunities for growth, opportunities for development!

4 employees must manage the feeling: a sense of purpose, sense of security, belonging, sense of accomplishment!

4. What is talent training? 】

Dare to work for employees opportunities, but also give employees the opportunity to make mistakes, this is the training of personnel!

1, what is talent? Done something, eat loss, negative responsibility is talent!

2, what is the leadership? Guidance got the direction, gave the method, get people's heart is the leader!

3, what is the mission? To survive is to cause, to make life is to make it up!

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