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There is only one way for all really big companies: you recommend your products or services to others. What this means is that if you want to be a great company one day, you end up having to do something good so that users can recommend it to their friends-even if they can't wait to be the first to recommend it to a friend. If you don't have a good enough product, substituting hack or another excellent marketing idea, sales team can not let you go further. Still, self-deception can be a one-time success: growth is measured on the basis of last month. When you are young, you can spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising, and then exert a huge impact on the growth of the use. But in the end, when you grow up, you don't have that much money to drive growth-and ultimately you have to rely on a growing group of users to attract more users. There are, of course, exceptions to a monopoly-Microsoft may be an interesting test case that lets us know how long the limit of manufacturing growth lasts. The only way to achieve sustainable exponential growth is to do your things well enough. For example, only if your product is good enough to recommend, let users recommend to their friends the way to earn points is effective (such as Dropbox, Uber). But most start-ups that have tried this strategy have failed because their products are not good enough. It's still a good idea to get a growth team-almost all at the start. But don't forget what you really want to do.
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