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Search engines in the future the only way to look at the Internet, a new change every day, search engine is the same, every day in the constant changes. Once your site to find the rules of the engine, then you have to bear a certain danger, the traditional search engine optimization method, is now not recognized by the majority webmaster, key word optimization Most of the time is in the promotion of the site's homepage weight. Most of the webmaster thought, just the homepage of the weight to be promoted, our site all the weight of talent can be promoted. Search engine changes, but also asked us about our optimization, we can not just stand in situ, probably also updated. is a good choice.

In the network marketing in the long tail means that the mall is infinitely extended without being ended, from business to civilization, many of the niche stores constitute a huge shopping malls. The back of the traditional big warm decline was replenished to the tail, and the commercial genes changed in space. The search engine is the same as the change, and we have probably changed the process of finding engine optimization. We can find the long tail strategy of website optimization from the long tail idea of network marketing. In order to let our site unlimited extension, then our optimization, we can not only be limited to the Homepage keyword optimization.

The main harm word optimization can bring traffic to our website, as far as possible, the flow is not the most accurate, when the main harm word site has a certain amount of search, our site's flow promotion and the product of the same amount of consultation will come up. But once the main harm word ranked No, then our products, the site's traffic will not be very good to ensure. How useful use of good web site and long tail key words, then at this moment has played a certain effect. Search engine constantly carry out search engine algorithm is not constantly updated, pay attention to the "for your specific explanation, the fourth generation of search engine development trends and optimization methods." Here about the search engine new development does not make a detailed explanation.

In the same career, there are many sites in the competition for a certain or a number of key words, if you are a new site, if your career in the main harm word in the search engine home site are very much in front of the site, then how do you compete with them? Even if your optimization team is very bull X, you can't finish it in a short time. Search engine changes are too large, and the algorithm is constantly updated, you have changed, your wind career site is the same change, others heap years of results, is not in a short period of time to be overcome. If you want to end it, then you need to make the necessary changes strategically. You do what others do, and you do what others do. Needle about this to be analyzed from the following points:

Top of the list, the selection of the main evil words

Many websites are doing the word, you can try and explore the potential key word lookup in your career, you can try to make a certain change in your main harm word, together will most sites are doing the word, look for a large number of words to put one to two, the main page of the word, not in more, but in fine. Three to five key words is the best choice, if you have more than one site, you can each site home only a key word, the entire site around the key words to create and optimize. And only one word you think can bring you customers. According to the needs of the site, the establishment of level two directory, and in the two-level policy put a major evil word as a two-level directory of key words, and on the two-level directory optimization. The intention to do so is to promote the relevance of the site, as well as the key word of the weight of the whole. Once this level two directory has the weight, then, your website's whole weight will have the very big promotion.

Second, long tail key word strategy

According to the characteristics of the professional election close long tail key word, because the longer key words, to bring you the more accurate users, the conversion rate will be higher. According to the site's main harm words selected more than 10 long tail key words, to create or set up a two-level directory for long tail key word optimization, although the long tail key word optimization on the new station has a certain degree of difficulty, but only you will do is sure to succeed. The right to drop the site is often the most likely to drop the right, only you do not exceptionally excessive, the site's disciplinary only homepage, level two page and article page will have a certain impact, but the impact will not be too big, so this, you do not have to worry. When the homepage of the website is lowered, the site has a long tail, at this time you can about the long tail of the key word and two level three page for long tail strategy, when your long tail keyword has ranked, your site will naturally promote the flow of traffic, and then will also move our website homepage rehabilitation.

Third, the implementation of the long tail strategy

After discovering the long tail key word, according to homepage main harm word as well as the website content carries on the creation independently, these long tail key word site Web page, in the article or page description, should be as rich as possible, so that this page or article has a common place, and the article or the content of the long tail of the key word for a reasonable distribution. Write its content to the needs of most users, and have a common insight because of this, your long last talent more inviting users, and the completion of the transformation process. In the description of the long last, you must do a good job of other pages of the connection, a long tail set a long tail of the key lively to do. Promotion of a long tail together, is also about the promotion of other key words, and in the long tail of the description, there are major harm word connection. This formed a good reverse chain, from small to large practice. That is, from the article page to the two-level policy, and then by the two-level directory weight to the homepage, to share the promotion of the homepage.

The only way to search the search engine in the future from our optimized website survey can be seen, if your site presents one to two long tail key word ranking is better, and this long tail word has a search quantity, Ningbo Seobaidu index in more than 5, then this word will be helpful to your website. When a new site or after the revision of the home page weights or rankings are all gone, and your long tail key word Still, then, your site rehabilitation process will be very fast. Many people think that the new station can not be long tail, but from the recent embodiment of the Baidu could be seen, only your long tail key word can complete more than 60% of the match, then this key word is useful. This is evidenced by a website like my new book. WWW.GONGSI search engine Optimization. com, (to February 28 just one months, before the site online 10 days after the entry, the right to live. This site is a purely experimental website. In the upper part of his site I added a word, "Beijing SEO optimization company which best?" the preferred Beijing cutting-edge SEO "This is to make the site very good match." You are looking for the long tail key word "Beijing optimizes the company which best time" this website has the rank. And in the long tail key word "Baidu key word optimization" "Website keyword optimization" Two words have ranked, and shares moved the weight of the site all promotion. This is very advantageous to the exchange friend chain. And the site is the real description of the main harm word is not ranked. With these two-word rankings, it's not too hard to trust the site's later optimizations.

Four, the matching degree of the long tail key word

Search engine in the future the only way to the long tail keyword matching degree, in search Engine optimization, but also a big project. Ningbo Seobaidu Search, if you enter a longer word, Baidu will be a complete match of the site in the front, and not once did not match, just have, your site has a very high weight, will be ranked in Baidu search results in the forefront. Now after the replacement of Baidu, just your site's key words and the title of the complete match of cent, your results will appear more forward (if there is the same occupation, high weight site is the same match, your site will be after them). So in the selection of key words and long tail key words of cent, to ensure that the title of the match, key word matching and the content of the article page also want to present a matching key word. When all three are present, your ranking will be very good. The needle regarding the long tail key word's implementation, these three points increasingly important.

Five, long tail key word and high quality self-creation article

The long tail key word to create a high-quality self-creation of the article, is not conducive to search engine input, and, in favor of the reprint to other professional website, and save the connection of personal sites, and then get other sites of the back-chain vote, and then promote the credibility of our website and user experience. Together in our article and the Long Tail push page, device reprint and talk about things. If your article has more talk or reprint, then the credibility of your article will be a large degree of promotion, and then promote your site long tail key word weight promotion. 2013 years search engine perhaps about talking, reprint, click, Flow this piece will be more favored. A high-quality self-creation article, if you publish the article, there are a few talking, that your site's article was entered the probability of also greatly added, together with the weight of Baidu will be more than the weight of the usual articles, in the Baidu search results, the present ranking will also rely on the front.

Well, let's summarize these, the theory of the long tail key word, hope can help you. Pure experience of the talk, summed up the content has been validated, and on some controversial operating methods, Beijing cutting-edge search engine optimization director Yang Ying also set up a website to test. Perhaps these methods for some Web sites, does not apply, but, if your site is a large site, your site has been down the right, if your site ranking delay, then you need to change your approach, a summary.

Search engine optimization is a continuous summary, continuous internship, continuous innovation of a process. About the previous optimization methods we have to sum up, to find a good experience of good ways to use, about cheating we also want to know, just such a good ability to master the next phase of the optimization method. Long Tail key word, this is a shopping mall, together, these long tail key word competition is not exceptionally big, but indeed someone in search, and long tail key word brought users, increasingly direct, more accurate. Some direct is a thorough match, this regarding the user transforms, the long tail is a very good method.

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