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Content marketing is the concept of fire recently, we can know the importance of content marketing from the following two points, Baidu algorithm frequently updated, if you pay attention to its algorithm update, you will know that Baidu is now consciously to the station to guide, to promote everyone to do high-quality original content. The second is that we can observe your own favorite brand, which is a real, value content to provide, can solve our one aspect of the real problem, then we webmaster how to do content marketing?

1, let the user give us the content

The user creates the content, certainly is the user to be concerned, moreover encounters the same type question user is definitely not one, then as long as enough user, can give us to create enough content. We look at Baidu Encyclopedia, to understand this truth, Wikipedia should be all SEO inside optimization of the best one site. So how do we get users to create content for us?

Methods can be set up, forums, blogs, questions and answers system, and customer interviews, each customer to our cooperation can be made into video, and other methods are diverse.

2, how to provide content to attract users to produce content

Does it sound a little round? We know, let the user give us the content is a kind of operation method, then how do we let these users to produce content to us? We can consider the following

First, you have to find professionals in this industry and let him share it with us. Why? Because people have the impulse to share, especially professionals are more willing to share their expertise, do not believe that we look at the encyclopedia of very professional topics, they are not to go to Wikipedia to leave a link ah, do an ad ah what. They are simply sharing their expertise. So we must find professionals in this industry and let them come to your website. Their chances of sharing will be great!

Second, attract with interest. We can still learn from the encyclopedia. Why the encyclopedia can fire up, a big part of the reason is because of the contribution of the promotional staff, these extension staff to create the number of entries, edited the number of entries, estimates are difficult to count. Their goal is very clear is to use the encyclopedia of the platform to promote themselves!

Finally, the formation of communication between users, this aspect I would like to give you an example of it, we can go to see the "114 check mark Net" I do not introduce in detail here. Interested students to study!

3, we add to the site what kind of content

The content of the website is divided into two parts, one is generated by the user, and part is provided by ourselves. Otherwise it will not show our professionalism, then this part of what we should do? In fact, it is quite simple to find the audience, to provide valuable content. Content can be written either by itself or by consolidating resources. Let's talk about it in detail.

Let me give you an example! I like to study cooking in my spare time, the technology of cooking is very immature. Need others to guide, need to learn from others, in the process of learning to find a humanistic Yi. In her blog she taught us a lot of ways to do, each dish to decompose the steps, with a map, the most important bar my practice after the fried out taste great, and then I slowly like her. What can you see from my personal experience?

I like to do the dishes to learn how to cook (need)--Akon provides detailed steps for each dish (meet my needs)--the most important I make the taste, I personally think it is very delicious! (Of course I do with Akon taste is not a taste, but I think delicious) the process is to provide value content of the process. They provide the practice of each dish, to explain these steps, and then add a map, add a method of operation, then this is the original, valuable content. So what do we offer valuable content? is to meet the needs of users, and then we solve the need for the method, but also let him feel effective.

Put your own industry and this method into a graft, then you will find out what you should do? Take my industry for example, do business intellectual property, then, the owners of the need for intellectual property to their own where? From unfamiliar, do not know how it happened. Do not know how to operate these. Then we should be intuitive and clear about these methods, as well as in doing these things to pay attention to their problems, then we are to provide valuable content. Reprint Please specify: or retain our brand words: Know easy net

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