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Domain name Transfer In many cases we will encounter, such as in the purchase of the United States host space to send the free domain name, when not using its host, we can transfer the domain name to the professional domain name business that continue to use, although many space providers also provide domain renewals, management and other services, but the general space business domain name price is not generally expensive, For example, the U.S. host Ixwebhosting domain name price incredibly to 19.95 dollars/year, such a price is more expensive, if it is in GoDaddy that can register nearly 3 domain names.

In addition, for example, we sell, transfer domain name, as well as change the domain name management platform, etc. will encounter the domain name transfer, first introduced under the domain name transfer need to do the preparation work.

First, the domain name transfer must have the following conditions:

1. Domain Name Transfer code

The domain name transfer code obtains the method to see specifically the domain name management merchant's stipulation, registers the domain name in the foreign domain generally to be possible to apply directly on the field name Control Panel, registers in the domestic domain name generally to need to the domain name business.

2. original domain name unlock

Get the domain name transfer code first check the state of the domain name has been unlocked, do not understand the lock is not transferred, many of the domestic domain name providers do not provide domain name unlock function, need to unlock also contact the domain name business, this also need to pay attention to.

3. Original Domain name registered mailbox

Domain name registration of the mailbox before the transfer check is not their own, whether you can log on, because the transfer of the time need to confirm the ownership of the domain name to send mail to the domain name registered mailbox.

4. The original domain name merchant agrees to turn out

This is for the special domain name business, the general domain name has the above 3 conditions can be transferred, but also some individual domestic domain name Chamber of commerce has "special" requirements, so in the domestic domain name in the transfer need to pay attention.

When you meet the above conditions, you can transfer your domain name!

Domain name transfer is relatively simple, in the new domain name provider that applies to the service, and then according to the requirements of the operation can be, transfer before all the work is ready, the normal is to wait 5 days to confirm the completion of the transfer, and then can be in the new domain name business to see your own domain name.

When is the domain name transfer more cost-effective?

Many people have this question, is not such as the domain name quickly expires when the transfer is cost-effective AH? In fact, is not, after the transfer or by domain name of the original registration time to calculate the domain name renewal cycle, that is, if your domain name has half a year before the expiration of the transfer, the new domain name Chamber of Commerce to recognize the remaining six months of use.

Domain name expires in 3 days can still transfer it?

Transfer domain name preferably in the week before the expiration of the transfer, if the real encounter on the remaining 3 days or less than 5 days expired, whether it can transfer it? This question Tuixy once met, I was transferred successfully.

If use is the host provider's free domain name how to obtain the Domain name transfer code and so on?

The general host is with some domain name platform cooperation, so generally have a separate management platform, such as lunarpages, even if there is no separate domain name platform in the Space Control Panel on the management of the domain name of these functions, such as hostmonster; if not then directly contact the Space Business Customer service solution, Like Justhost.

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