The orientation of the crowd has not been properly transformed.

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In the promotion of marketing even the initial population positioning is not good for the precise positioning and conversion rate of the said, we first look at two cases.

Case A: Small A is in Taobao to do clothing sales, small a want to be more for their own stores to add orders, income. So he thought of advertising. Little A has another hobby in life, that is to keep a dog. So he also often visited some of the dog-loving forums. Also always feel that such a forum for large flow, high activity, so contact the webmaster bought one months of advertising. But one day, the results of quantum statistics were much more surprising. There are only a few 10 hits, and only one of these 10 people buys his product. Small a How also think impassability, he put ads site, every day at least thousands of IP why click Rate so low?

Case two: The same is done Taobao clothing small B, also have and small a the same idea, but he did not rush to put ads, but to their own products analysis, look at their users age, gender, crowd. Finally, small B decided to advertise in a forum similar to 8090, and this day, little B made 10 lists. Clicks are also good 100 people click. Small B feel very happy, he did not think of a Chilai IP site can bring him 10 orders a day.

OK, we will analyze the above two cases, in the same IP parity, time, price. The data obtained from small A and small b are as follows.

Small a:ip-1000/clicks -10/Deal Order 1

Small b:ip-1000/clicks -100/Deal Order 10

We can see very clearly that we have spent the same amount of money, and that little B is getting 10 times times as much in return for small A. Actually see here I think we all very understand what is the reason. Yes, because small a did not analyze their own user base, put ads on the problem.

Speaking of which, some may say, but this is only a case, and who in reality is so stupid!

In fact, so stupid people are really very much, like we usually visit some websites, often see some irrelevant ads (you reader do not know you have not met). More in the place where the cock silk, put the female supplies, egg pain.

Perhaps some people will say: You really this is not the webmaster to put up their own advertising alliance ads?

This is what I will say next, the crowd positioning is not only for the flow of investors, the same applies to the webmaster. Stationmaster think to see, we Hang Advertisement Alliance advertisement for what, nothing but is for money. But this irrelevant ads for the less clicks of the poor, how to change the said. Therefore, AdSense in advertising should also pay attention to this problem. Advertising does not make money, as it does not hang, affect the user experience does not say, but also affect the beautiful.

Actually said so much, this is simply a user group data analysis and advertising issues. But often the more simple the problem is, the easier it is to be overlooked. Details determine success or failure. This reminds me of the startup of a sentence: 1110, meaning said: 1000 people, with a similar idea, to operate only 100, and in these 100 operations, only a few of the success of 10.

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