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It's been almost two years since I started a free resource station. Compared to other big shots. Traffic does not do well, ups and downs. Finally reduced to 1000 IP per day traffic. That's pretty steady. With more and more free resource stations being built. Traffic has been divided up almost. May have arrived at the top.

On the income side. GG Unit low make people want to cry. Because there are some low unit prices of the site. There are not many matching keywords. But you can do the promotion. For example, some of the Chanet offers are free of charge. The effect is still there. There is a monthly ad. Like many IDC sites, launch free space. Will be looking for us these free resource stations advertise. I personally like this monthly advertising. At least it's the first payment.

Unlike some of the league's hard work in the end, a K, the income said no. Traffic I don't know how to do, like our free resource stations, in fact, mainly rely on the search. The key word is just some free space, free what's. My station free space in Baidu on the old on the second and third page up and down. The flow gap in this area is indeed very large. Users have a fatigue click, point to the second page I think it is a limit. The same free resources content, so that search is not like. Only false original. Where to do the original. This is hard. Or rely on some netizens to contribute. The editor is ready. It becomes original content.

And then in the near future. Our original, on the network fly the same. Full of. The Free resource class website is really hard to do. But I kept it down. I believe it all the time. There will be a batch of stops down. There will also be a batch of new stations out. Relatively old station, will have a little advantage. Keep trying. Our free resources station. Free Network starting

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