The pain of the start-up electric quotient: The bank is difficult to keep up with the credit system has not been established

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2012. At the Global Network Business conference, the Forum on funding themes was again on the agenda. For the start-up electric business, aside from the interest rate problem, most of the start-up electric dealers because of mortgage problems, credit qualification and other deeper problems can not get the bank to credit. At present, the bank loan business can not meet the demand of the start-up electric dealers, whether from the loan quota, the speed of processing or the coverage.

Slot: The pain of electricity business loan

"It's really hard for me to think that the bank is giving us time. "2012 Global Network Business conference, the silk scarf sellers" Good morning Antelope "shopkeeper Chang Linlin face ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and the guests of the flowering banks of this spit slot. This is now shop sales nearly billion Taobao sellers, entrepreneurial early suffered from lack of money. Before each big event, she had to chip in with friends and even mortgage the house and car to the bank.

Otis Air Conditioning official flagship store shopkeeper Yao waves of spit trough the same bitterness. Last year, Ox did a million people group purchase, but due to mortgage and interest rate problems, finally find four commercial banks also failed to lend money. In the end, he can only rely on cooperative manufacturers and himself to solve the 10 million funding gap.

At the site of the Internet Business Conference, there are not a few small and medium-sized businesses. Alibaba Group survey data show that the Midwest 40% of small micro-enterprises because of insufficient funds and unable to receive orders, there are 73% small micro-enterprises currently have financing needs, but 69% of the Midwest small micro-enterprises mainly by borrowing from relatives and friends to finance.

For these small micro-electric dealers, networking is the most common means of funding shortages. Although many companies have tried bank loans, but to remove the interest rate problem, most of the start-up electric chambers due to mortgage problems, credit qualifications and other deeper problems can not get the bank to credit. More electric dealers can only chip in with higher interest rates on third-party guarantees.

The credit system has not yet been established

"What is the value of our credit for a crown or three crown stores?" Conference site, Suichang Shop Association president to the stage of the three major bank representatives to throw this problem.

For small micro-start-ups, gaining the trust and attention of the bank has become the most difficult problem in the current stage of loans. The current situation and the unfinished credit qualification system of the electric business industry make the bank appear especially cautious in the credit to the electric business enterprise.

In the mortgage sector, due to the domestic bank certification of Third-party warehousing is very limited, electric business start-up enterprises stored in third-party warehousing goods often can not be collateral. The amount of loans that can be obtained by the founder's personal asset mortgage alone is a drop in the bucket. Yao Blue waves last year, the million People's Congress group buying activities encountered such a problem. Although Yao blue waves of goods since 2011 have all entered Taobao Logistics treasure Warehouse, but the bank is not certified Logistics Treasure Warehouse, so these goods can not become collateral. And his own property is worth only 3 million or 4 million, and it will need to be discounted when pledged to the bank.

Chen Jiewei, Vice general manager of Agricultural Bank of China's Zhejiang branch, also believes that if Alibaba to establish a strict management of the logistics system, and its sales dynamic combination, with the establishment of a relationship with the bank can become a credit guarantee.

According to Ali, Ali Financial in April or May this year began to try warehouse list pledge, and the cooperation with the bank is still in negotiations.

In addition, based on Taobao platform to build up the credit data has not been unearthed. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang branch of the general Manager Assistant Hu Yin said that the current ICBC in the small micro-enterprise loans mainly look at the quality of individual operators and its credibility. Among them, the record of online turnover is an important basis for the bank to judge the credit grade of the enterprise. "As a third-party E-commerce platform, Ali hand there must be a huge amount of data." This platform can be used by our banks to make more accurate judgments. ”

Bank matching is difficult to follow

Faced with the "spit" of the start-up, bank representative Hu Yin, Chen Jiewei and Citibank China Limited Hangzhou Branch President Shiyang's attitude can be summed up as follows: We attach great importance to the electric business, but we need to take it slow.

Chen Jiewei The relationship between banks and electric-business start-ups, "Maybe you're in love with a bank." He is a Jia girl, he will be slow to enter the state. You have to let her know that you trust you, and then the most precious things to you. ”

But for the fast-growing electric dealers, this slow-heat "love" is not sweet. "It's not as slow as it is for the electric business, and our demand for capital is tight," he said. Chang Linlin when he heard Chen Jiewei's theory of Love. Perhaps it was the money that had plagued the memory so deeply that she could not even consider the interruption might seem abrupt.

For the electric business, the bank loan business can not meet their demand in terms of loan amount, speed or coverage. The good trend is that this dilemma is slowly improving. Indeed, banks have indeed started to launch specialized lending products for electric companies. ICBC's "Easy to blend" is a network of micro-enterprise products. However, according to ICBC customer service staff, the product currently covers only a few cities in Zhejiang Province, the current maximum loan amount is 1 million. According to Hu Yin, the business of the implementation of more than a year after the number of users in the 240 home. At present, the bank does not have a loan business for the net trader.

Chen Jiewei believes that the understanding and cooperation between the electrical and commercial banks requires a process, and that industry associations can be an intermediate link to accelerate the process. "The number of network operators is indeed more, some relatively small more scattered, the bank's understanding of the cost is very high." There are organizations to help understand, such as the traditional local Chamber of commerce he will set up a security agency, so there is another way of financing. ”

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