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April 9, Jiuxian network Wine Station officially online, to better integrate the red wine resources, improve the layout of the red wine plate. Chairman Shang said, will gradually increase the layout of wine market, complete the internal transformation of the enterprise, continue to prepare for the IPO.

Competition intensifies for wine dealers

"2012 red wine sales accounted for only about 15%, in order to adapt to the development of market trends, Jiuxian network this year launched a wine substation, hoping to increase this proportion to 25%." "Shang said. Industry insiders see, in the liquor industry as a whole downward stage, Jiuxian network exerting red wine industry is a wise choice.

It is understood that the current traditional market, the retail price of red wine generally can reach the price of 5-10 times, but the liquor market profits are getting thinner, last year, the Thousand Yuan liquor market almost annihilated. Shang says this is precisely why the Jiuxian network will focus on the development of the wine market. And the electric business industry red wine gross margin generally can reach 50% compared to, Jiuxian net will rationally control red wine margin within 10%.

At present, the market size of imported wine in China is about 60 billion-70 billion yuan, among which the wines sold through the website less than 2 billion yuan, accounting for only 3% of the total market, with the user's acceptance of online shopping consumption more and more high, this area has great potential to tap.

With the oligopoly of the 3C electrical field of different patterns, wine industry concentration is low, with independent domain names and platforms of at least thousands of sites, no home appliance business Platform has an absolute leading edge. The specialized wine electricity merchant, also buys the wine, the wine United States net, the product still three annual sales all in 100 million yuan, occupies 40% market share.

Insiders said that the Jiuxian network wine after the line, by virtue of its market size, upstream resources, platform cooperation, and other multiple advantages, it is likely to aggravate the concentration of wine industry, become a product of red wine, also buy wine and wine after the fourth power of the United States network. Through further expansion, it is expected to become "Jingdong" in the wine electric business industry.

In terms of scale, Jiuxian has occupied 50% of the market share of wine dealers in the last year, and is still growing continuously. And in the supplier resources, Jiuxian NET and winery and bonded area direct cooperation, reduce the circulation level. From the platform point of view, in addition to the official website, Jiuxian Net also with the day cat, Jingdong Mall, Suning easy to buy more than 10 platform to establish a strategic cooperative relationship; this year, the Jiuxian network and NetEase to build channels, sharing traffic, this will bring greater growth space for the Jiuxian network.

In fact, the cooperation between the Jiuxian network and the wine manufacturer has already been carried out. Last July, Shang led the company's senior line of seven people to visit the French winery, opened the wine with the famous road of strategic cooperation. The month, Jiuxian Network and Xiamen Excellent transfer wine industry to reach strategic cooperation, such as the import of the exchange of bonded wine market directly online E-commerce platform.

According to relevant sources, at present, the Jiuxian network has been with Bordeaux eight famous Zhuang in the Rafi, Mouton and white Ma to reach a deep cooperative relationship, agents of these famous wine brand, Vice licensing products, and will further promote cooperation with other name Zhuang progress; In addition, will also originate from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other place thousands of mid-range price products into the Jiuxian network of the national Sales network.

And in the wine station on the line, Jiuxian network will be the above resources for in-depth optimization and integration, and further increase the strength of expansion. "The company's focus on the wine plate is a long-standing, this special line of wine stations, but also coincides with its time, because wine consumption in China increasingly popular, or even white-hot." "Shang said.

Channel single battalion to occupy market share

According to the international Wine and Spirits Trade fair Vinexpo released the latest annual analysis report, 2007-2011, China's wine consumption jumped 142.1%, the total reached 159.25 million boxes, the annual per capita wine consumption reached 1.4 litres. 2012-2016, the domestic wine consumption will be further increased by 39.62%, an increase of 71.53 million cases, this consumption growth will be the world's highest.

Some insiders said that in the face of the huge market, Jiuxian network to channel independent operation of the form, is to grow from the rapid growth of wine consumption in the field of more market share. In this respect, Shang said, the liquor industry adjustment also prompted the company to speed up this step, and increase the strength of the wine resources integration, red wine plate, the first is the need for the development of enterprises.

However, there are also industry concerns about the Jiuxian network to expand the wine sector.

The source said that the Jiuxian network to expand the area of wine also face some challenges: at present, the advantage of Jiuxian network in the field of liquor, its consumer groups are also more for liquor enthusiasts, and wine and liquor in the marketing strategy, consumption choices have great differences, how to excavate and cultivate their wine consumption group is the key to its follow-up development.

Beijing Business Newspaper reporter Congxiaoyan

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