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Introduction: The third generation of HD round game "Peach Blossom" does not delete the file seal test today (April 8) 19:00 on time.  New 2D round net game "Peach Blossom" first no mall, permanent free, six games features, 10 updates. Sina Game News April 8, today Amoy Music new Tour "Peach Blossom Book" Officially opened do not delete the file seal test.  Official sources said the test will not open any paid recharge system to ensure that players play a fair game, while the game will also be free after the formal operation of the model, and do not set up a pay mall. "The Garden of the Peach Blossom" in the screenshot is understood that the "peach blossom" does not delete the file seal test will be opened today (April 8) 19:00 on time.  At the same time, the official also decided not to delete the file in the early stage does not open any form of recharge function, all players in the state without pay, the fair experience of the game. The Peach blossom in mind free no mall in the peach blossom in the beginning of the online, it will play "free online games without mall" banner, but so far Amoy music has not come forward to the system to do a detailed explanation.  Although some players believe that this model of speculation may be more than innovation, but in the major manufacturers actively seek innovative charging mode of the period, this message is still attracted many people in the industry's attention. The scene screenshot of the Peach Blossom Garden at present the domestic net game charge mode is not outside the time billing and the prop charge two kinds of models, then has is the giant network to launch the transaction payment mode.  As the original billing mode of users shrinking, prop charging mode on the game itself is very harmful, looking for a new fee model will become the focus of the next generation of net breakthrough goals.  Giant "Journey 2" payment mode can be said to pay for online games opened another new way of thinking, however, because this fee model has just been introduced, whether it can be accepted by the market has yet to be tested by time. The Peach Blossom Memory Game screenshot has the industry analysis, free mode once made the net swims the peak, but at the same time he also makes the net game pay the pattern encounters the unprecedented bottleneck period. The more successful a pattern is, the greater the risk of choosing to innovate.  The saddest and most fortunate thing is that the current online game pricing model has to be innovative situation. In addition, due to the revival of the online games, many small and medium-sized companies dare to innovate into the market. Analysts predict that in the coming period of time, China's online games will usher in the era of fee-charging mode, and the real mature, healthy, virtuous fee model established, still need to go through a long market elimination. (Edition/Three birds)
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