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Wang You If said last week, PetroChina Beijing 150 gas stations to reduce prices just opened the prelude to the domestic product price, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Shanghai and other land prices, it is clear that the domestic product retail market price of the advent of the tide.  However, the CBN reporter yesterday found that the price of gasoline and diesel oil prices of 0.1 yuan to 0.3 yuan/liter, the micro-rate reduction, compared to the wholesale price and retail price between 1 yuan/liter of the huge gap is "far from enough", the retail link high profits still exist downward possible. July 8 PetroChina in Beijing, about 150 gas stations to send water, refueling cards and other ways to reduce the petrol retail price curve by 0.1 yuan/liter, Guangzhou, Fuzhou recently also the diesel retail price reduced by 0.1 yuan/liter to 0.3 yuan/liter. PetroChina (600157.SH) a joint venture oil company in Shanghai told CBN Reporter, July 13, PetroChina Shanghai, some of the gas station price adjustment at 0.2 yuan per litre to 0.25 yuan.  Zhuo Chuang Consulting Network to provide CBN last week, the national price of gasoline and diesel prices show: PetroChina and some of the private gas stations in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang Province in a number of provinces to adjust the rate of 0.1 yuan to 0.3 yuan/liter. But the adjustment of diesel oil to $0.1 per litre to 0.3 yuan/liter, compared to the current zero-price difference of 1 yuan/liter is obviously not enough-the Guangdong state three standard 93rd gasoline as an example: June 30 after the country to upgrade the retail price, the label of the highest retail price is 6.25 yuan/liter (about 8675 yuan/ton), than July 14 5.18 yuan/liter (7200 yuan per ton) of the wholesale price of 1.062 yuan/liter.  If the government gives the retailer 300 yuan/ton (0.216 yuan/Liter) profit margin, then the product's decline still has 0.85 yuan/liter (previously some wholesalers for profit and did not implement zero difference 300 yuan/ton of system). If you are a Jiangsu petrol retailer, the recent zero-price spreads will also make you earn a lot.  At present, Jiangsu No. 93rd gasoline wholesale price of 7100 yuan/ton, compared to the listed maximum retail price of 8300 yuan/ton (5.98 yuan/Liter) Low 1200 yuan, that is, the retailer has 0.86 yuan/liter of the downward adjustment space. Compared to gasoline, the zero price difference of diesel is smaller, but there is room for manoeuvre.  Yesterday, Zhejiang No. No. 0 Diesel wholesale price of 6150 yuan/ton, and the highest retail price of the listing is about 6830 yuan per ton (about 5.81 yuan/Liter), the difference of 0.578 yuan/liter (680 yuan/ton).  China gas station Network chief analyst Huangshunjing told reporters, general a gas station sales of 5 to 10 tons a day, remove all kinds of costs, take the steam and diesel Zero price difference of 1000 yuan/ton, the recent gas station will have a daily 5000 to 10,000 yuan profits. Moreover, the current domestic oil pricing mechanism, international crude oil price situation for retailers to provide a good opportunity to make quick money, they can not take the initiative to straight oil prices 1 yuan/liter. PetroChina Shanghai joint Venture oil company said: "Now wholesalers are dumping goods at a low price, they previously predicted the international originalOil prices continue to rise, hoarding a lot of oil, but did not expect international oil prices in this period of a lot of decline, the future government if the retail price of refined oil, their goods will not go to loss. "Since June 30, after China adjusted the retail price of diesel oil, the international WTI and Brent market oil prices fell 17% in two weeks respectively, has fallen below 60 U.S. dollars/barrel." Recently, some media pointed out that the wholesale price of PetroChina has been reduced by 500 yuan to 600 yuan/ton.
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