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Ucenter Home1.5 The most exciting I am afraid is the manyou, so that small and medium-sized webmaster can also and the mainstream SNS site, as well as provide the latest best application to users. Not only through the background can be convenient management applications, application upgrades and maintenance need not worry, there will be no previous plug-ins, the program an upgrade, it is necessary to discard the problem of plug-in data.

But with more and more applications, the application is pushed to the user, obviously users can not accept, and will also be popular streaming, many applications are not playing, and selective to push the application, and let the webmaster do not know what to choose the application, choose the best way to recommend, this article on the "Racing story" This application for example and webmaster friends to share about the application of the promotion of experience.

The application is chosen mainly on the basis of the following considerations.

1. Speed and Stability:

As with the selection of community programs, speed and stability are among the primary considerations. If the stability of an application is poor, even if the function is good, will bring poor experience to users, resulting in the loss of users. "Car story" speed and stability are very good, users can hardly feel the Manyou platform to provide the application, but more like a game in the station.

2. Ease of Use:

Whether it's a friend or a parking space, SNS application is a very popular reason is easy to operate, just need a few clicks of the mouse, you can complete the interaction with friends. If the application design is too complex, it will improve the application of the threshold of operation, so that users can not quickly start. Not only hinder the communication between users, but also increase the webmaster to guide the user's difficulty. and "Car story" design is very simple, the whole game only four steps, completely through the mouse operation. And each step has a significant description and help, plus a similar 1.5 version of the task system, can help beginners quickly familiar with the game.


3. Application Interoperability:

The app is getting the benefit of the game between friends, when someone installs the game, enters the game, carries on the game and so on the behavior occurs, will have the feed to the user information the prompt, moreover, when has the behavior which relates to this user (competition, the invitation), the system also sends the notice, informs the user in the game the situation, Attract users to continue to focus on the game.


4. Good invitation mechanism:

"Car Story" has a very obvious invitation button, in the absence of funds will prompt the user can be invited to get the game funds, by default to provide 20 friends are not added to the game list, users need only Click a mouse, you can send bulk invitations, and each user invited 1 times a day, The other users will not be disgusted by the large number of invitations generated by the same person.


5. User incentive Mechanism:

Ranking is a very effective user incentive mechanism, because most people have competitive mentality, so will be more concerned about their ranking changes, users can intuitively see their position in the game, will encourage members to continue to strive to win better rankings, thus forming a strong competitive atmosphere.

Of course, the choice of application, in addition to the above mentioned points, but also to consider whether the application has an impact on the user experience of advertising, the popularity of the application and other factors, here we do not too much discussion. Next, we will discuss with you how to promote this application in the station.

Application of the promotion at different stages, the promotion of the focus and methods are not the same, we are mainly divided into two stages, the first stage for the bulk promotion stage, relying mainly on the webmaster's shop across the propaganda to promote the effect; the second stage is to strengthen the promotion stage, mainly rely on the spontaneous transmission between users, and to achieve the purpose of promotion. When the user can spontaneously establish the game atmosphere, and can actively invite friends to join the game, and is willing to show their "victory", this application will enter a virtuous circle.

First stage:

1. Add "racing story" to Manyou's default application and set it to the recommended application.

Adding the application to the default application has two purposes: one is to allow users who have not installed the application to have the opportunity to activate the application through the Start menu, and to use this application easily by users who have installed the application and are accustomed to operating in the Start menu.

2. Use in the member's influential account installs the application, and invites the station core member.

Select the influential member account to install and promote the application because, these members in the station dynamic is more likely to arouse the attention of other members. In recommending and driving users to participate in promotional activities, the scope of the impact is also wider, to play a better promotional effect. After the application is installed, the first time the friend invitation is sent out. Due to the invitation to send a limit of 20 friends, it is recommended to change an account every 20 minutes at the time interval to send an invitation.

3. Priority to invite online users to join the game, and then different invite other

Since the application's invitation mechanism is to randomly list 20 friends who have not yet joined the game, this allows us to quickly find friends who are not in the game and issue invitations, but members are not free to control which friends are invited. However, we can add online users through our accounts to achieve the goal of inviting current online active users.

Register a few more users, first published some logs, pictures. Create some content first, the goal is to add friends, so that other will see the account data, not content is empty, to improve the chance to add friends. Then find the current online user (click on the Buddy tab in the navigation bar) as shown:


You can view current online users and interact with online users using a registered account (e.g., message, greeting, comment, etc.). Add friends to these users as soon as possible and invite them in the application. In addition to online users, each account also add different friends, a batch of times to invite friends to join each day, when a user in a few days after receiving application invitations, the probability of installation application is very high.

Second Stage:

1. After the invitation to work, to be in the application and ordinary members grow up together. Be a novice and be invited to join a car. Always watch the ranking, keep an account can be in the more forward position, so that the members behind have to catch up with the goal. Another advantage is that doing so will motivate other users to join the game.

2. Use the different account number to own the space display, the game scene, the game ranking and so on to upload to own album, uses "the sharing" function to make the dissemination among the friends. At the same time encourage users to display the car in their own personal space, and in the log to write their own game experience and paste screenshots, and actively reply to the member upload the experience, pictures and other content, driving the interaction between users.

Personal page display effect, as shown in figure:


After two stages of promotion, a week of time on the site of the "car story" installation of 119 people each day in the application of active members more than 40 people, the application in the site installed on the number fourth, and continue to rise.

In addition to these promotional methods, but also in the forum to put ads, launch activities or through the QQ group publicity, and so on, to guide more users to participate in the game. Regardless of the way, in the application of the process of the main is three points:

1. As far as possible to choose fast and stable, easy to use, a good invitation mechanism, interactive strong, beautiful interface applications.

2. The webmaster should take the initiative to participate in and guide members to familiar with the application, flexible use ranking to motivate users.

3. Through various means to motivate users to promote spontaneous promotion, to establish such a good atmosphere,

This article with "Car story" to promote as an example, to introduce you to the Ucenter home in the promotion process, I believe that can do the above three points, then the promotion of any application will be relatively easy.

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