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I have been considering the promotion of the Xushui Information Network ( after completion. Build a station just like rented a storefront, decorate good like have a certain strength and taste, the website does not have the person on duty to be like you already hired 24 hours not to work the employee, the rest depends on the boss (stationmaster) the management mentality and the method, especially will test our execution ability (many times I have the good idea, But often cannot be carried out in the end).

The first is to raise awareness. I think if the county is the information station, now the code function is enough, especially the registration function I feel no better, most people feel that registration or landing information is very cumbersome, not as direct release to the happy. Our Xushui here is very fire, the number of posts per day has more than 1000, there are a lot of supply and demand information, is because it can be published anonymously, very convenient, but the disadvantage is no classification, not good looking for valuable information, and all kinds of gossip rampant! We must start from the professional point of view, vigorously publicize our advantage, is the free information dissemination platform, the classification is meticulous, looks for the information convenient, this is differs from pastes the biggest advantage.

On the promotion, I figured out the following methods:

1, their own or hire people to deliver business cards or leaflets, the initiative to send information to the merchant online

2, the use of text messages, mainly related to the service industry such as water delivery, aspirated, maintenance and other mobile phone numbers collected, to their directional text messages, reminding them to visit the site to publish information, they are to promote the phone for life, must be very important

3, can use the posting of leaflets (densely populated areas such as schools or banks, mobile automatic payment machine, such as the flow of large places) or hanging banners (preferably on the side of a building or the top of the backyards)

4, business card carry-on, eating, doing things can become an opportunity to promote

In short, to think of themselves as managers or bosses, with the idea of operating a Web site, to promote the site, spending money as long as it is worth to spend, this is my some ideas. Hope that friends to discuss together!

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