The precedent of environmental protection: Mysterious 11-Year-old debut Societe Generale sponsorship straight to earn billion

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Technical achievements, Chen Jianming is just a 11-year-old child, the industry believes that Chen may be the holder of the Financial weekly IPO laboratory researcher Chen Xianli/Wen September 3, Hebei Precedent Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Environmental protection).  This is Xingye securities since the Ding Han Technology (300011) and high Emerging (300098), in the Gem sponsor successful sponsorship of the third IPO project.  In the precedent of environmental protection of the shareholder list, there are three types of special groups--80 young shareholders, sponsors direct investment securities shareholders, 0 premium soy sauce shareholders. Of the natural shareholders, there are three Shijiazhuang people.  Among them, Chen Jianming identity mystery, as early as in 1999, that year, Chen Jianming just over 17 years old.  "Direct-vote + Sponsorship" model is Societe Generale, 11 months ago, Societe Generale Securities is in this mode of sponsorship straight to the Ding Han technology, now on the first environmental protection is still Efaro.  and "soy sauce shareholder" Shenzhen Chong East in two years after insisting on giving up, in the listing a year before the odd exit, will hold shares "0 premium" completely to give away, in vain to ruin 110 million. Mysterious shareholder cover in the first environmental protection 42 natural shareholders, there are three, respectively, Chen Jianming, Dinan and watch, the three are Shijiazhuang native.  Among them, Chen Jianming was 17 years old when he was a shareholder in 1999. November 6, 1999, Chen Jianming and other eight natural persons signed the "Entrustment Agreement", commissioned a precedent trade union holding shares, Chen Jianming contribution of 125,100, of which 25100 yuan in money and intangible assets to invest 100,000 yuan. According to the prospectus, intangible assets are the reward of 8 natural persons, such as Chairman Li Yuguo and Chen Jianming, on the basis of the decision of the research Center on the conversion of technological achievements to rewards. These two technical achievements were completed in 1993, the year Chen Jianmingcai 11 years old.  The research Center on the establishment of the Chen Jianming 100,000 Yuan, the reason is that Chen has contributed to the transformation and promotion of technological achievements. "Chen Jianming was a 11-year-old when the technology was complete, it was hard to convince, and more likely, Chen played just a surrogate role."  "said one investment banker in Guangzhou. June 2004, Chen Jianming will transfer 100,000 yuan to Li Yuguo, the transfer price for the 2003-year Research center and Hebei Investment transfer of the precedent of a limited contribution of the average price. Up to now, Chen Jianming holds a precedent environmental protection investment 25100 yuan.  In October 2007, Chen Jianming with the union. May 2009, the first environmental protection complete reform, after the reform, Chen Jianmin shareholding into 397,000 shares, accounting for the 0.44% before the release.  With 2009-year basic earnings per share of 0.4 yuan and the gem 60 times times the price-earnings ratio, the former 25,000 will turn into 9.52 million.  The odd thing is that the prospectus has not disclosed any relationship with the company or Li Yuguo in addition to disclosing Chen Jianming's participation in making the decision on the conversion of technological achievements. Another Dinan's identity is more clear, she's since 2005 to date is the company's financial Management Center staff. Ordinary employees also earn a full pot by owning a company's original stock. March 1, 2009, in accordance with the price of 1.29 yuan per share, Feng Yu to 38,700 yuan of the price of its 30,000 shares transferred to Dinan.  With the same algorithm, Dinan 38,700 Yuan also turned into 2.28 million yuan. Watch is the precedent of environmental protection wholly-owned subsidiary of the legal representative of the technology.  After the reform, he held 158,500 shares, accounting for the total share capital before the release of 0.18%.  The prospectus did not disclose watch's original contribution, and, with the same algorithm, his original contribution had already rolled into 3.8 million. Societe Generale and direct investment to earn nearly billion industrial Innovation Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Societe Generale) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Societe Generale Securities.  Both often "father and son", the former as investment advisers and shareholders in the status of the IPO, the latter as the sponsor's identity "inside and outside echoes."  In Hing ye venture in the Ding Han technology one months after the stake, that is, April 7, 2009, Hing Ye venture to invest in the precedent of environmental protection, and more appetite. Hing Ye venture to invest 7.26 yuan per share of the price of "FireWire" shares the precedent of environmental protection, which Xing ye venture capital increase of 10 million yuan. After only January, the first environmental protection on May 22, 2009 as a whole change for the company, and Hing Ye venture to invest in 43678 shares, a precedent for environmental protection before the release of the total share capital of 4.85%.  If the 2009-year basic earnings per share of 0.4 yuan and the gem 60 times times to calculate, Hing ye venture investment will roll into the book assets of 104.83 million yuan, floating surplus 94.83 million. This is the same as the operation of industrial securities in Ding Han technology last year. March 5, 2009, Hing Ye venture to 6.63 yuan per share of the price of Gu Qingwei held 864,000 shares, the transfer price of a total of 5.73 million yuan, the Ding Han technology issued before the total capital of 2.25%.  To Ding-Han technology September 8 35.22 yuan closing price, Hing Ye venture to invest 573 yuan has been rolled into 30.43 million yuan, floating surplus to 24.7 million yuan.  Societe Generale through direct investment in the way, in the Han Ding technology and environmental protection on the circle of 120 million yuan.  Xiao Shui "0 premium" left hand turn right hand compared to qixing ye ventures by virtue of Industrial securities King, Shenzhen Chuang East is not so lucky. Shenzhen Chong East is a shareholder in December 2007, the precedent of a limited increase of 9 million yuan.  But two years later, that is, March 1, 2009, Shenzhen Chong East unexpectedly to 9 million yuan "0 premium" of the price of its possession of the precedent of a limited 1.426 million shares transferred to Xiaoshuirong, Shenzhen Chong East from the precedent in the environmental protection of the shareholder list disappeared. After the reform, the number of Xiaoshuirong's shares increased to 4522171 shares, becoming the fourth largest shareholder of environmental protection.  The same algorithm, Xiaoshuirong 9 million yuan will soar to 110 million yuan. Who is Xiaoshuirong? The prospectus shows that Xiaoshuirong was the chairman of Shenzhen Oriental Investment Co., Ltd, founded in August 2007, from October 2002 to 2007 years October, Shenzhen International Trust Investment Co., Ltd., vice president, Executive director.  Other relevant information shows that Xiaoshuirong has been a director of Wal-Mart Deep State Investment Co., Ltd. for nearly 10 years. Deep East is the company of Xiao-shui, why should it be converted from a legal person to a natural person? "Deep East is a partnership limited partnership system, in the past this venture investment shares can not be listed, until the end of last year." It must be for this reason that we have transferred the equity to the natural person in the east. This has been a rare occurrence in the venture.  "Shenzhen Oriental Fu Hai Investment Management Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Wei said. Xiaoshuirong from December 4, 2008 to May 20, 2009, in the precedent of environmental protection as a supervisor, but the strange thing is that he resigned the day before the share reform, from the company does not hold any position. On the contrary, Wu Wei, vice president of the east, acted as company supervisor.
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