The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014

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The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014, and the project is based on. NET, the goal of the design is to facilitate developers to develop a large scale of cloud services. Considering the Microsoft Multiplayer video game This project is very meaningful because the player on top of the game needs to know the online status of his friends and need to get the game data between the countless servers in seconds.

The Orleans project is generally considered to be a distributed version of the actor model of parallel computing models.

Although the framework of the actor model is already in use by Erlang and Akka, users still need to do a lot to ensure that actors remain online and able to handle failures and restores. The Orleans framework focuses on complex projects and actor management, allowing users to write distributed projects without fear.

The following excerpt from Microsoft Blog:

First, in fact, a Orleans actor always exists, and it cannot be explicitly created or destroyed. Its existence transcends the lifecycle of any of its memory instances and thus transcends the lifecycle of any particular server; second, Orleans actors automatically instantiate: if there is no instance of actor memory, a message sent to actor causes a new instance to be created on an available server. An unused actor instance is automatically reclaimed as part of resource management.

Microsoft says Orleans's Open-source process should be completed by early 2015, and Microsoft studies will release the code under MIT's license and put it on GitHub.

Original link: Microsoft Open sources Cloud framework that powers Halo (Zebian/Wei)

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