The price difference of Beijing gas station again pull big 93rd gasoline maximum price difference is 0.6 yuan

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Early yesterday morning, domestic oil prices began this year's third adjustment, Beijing market No. 93rd gasoline "price" rose 0.33 yuan per litre, 97th gasoline "standard price" rose 0.35 yuan. And a new round of oil price adjustment caused the market shocks again, the market emerged more oil version.  Beijing Morning News reporter yesterday, the price of 12 different types of gas stations in Beijing, the price gap between the gas stations continue to pull up, to ordinary private car owners most commonly used 93rd gasoline, for example, the maximum difference between them has reached 0.6 yuan per litre. The maximum price difference of No. 93rd gasoline is 0.6 yuan and the price of oil in Shanghai is lower than that of Sinopec 0.05 Yuan, the reporter noted, in Beijing, Sinopec and PetroChina two big "country size" gas station,  The price tag for No. 93rd petrol has been consolidated from $5.56 per litre to $5.89, while the corresponding prices for the 97th petrol and 98th petrol are 6.27 yuan per litre and 6.82 yuan respectively. Jiuxianqiao near the island of Ring gas station yesterday because the original price and a solo show, the station staff told reporters, here can still add to the 5.29 yuan per litre of 93rd gasoline and 5.92 yuan per litre of 97th gasoline. The difference between the price of its No. 93rd petrol and the prevailing price is 0.6 yuan per litre, which is the lowest gas station found by the car owners so far, "we will also raise the oil price slightly, perhaps tomorrow or the day after."  The staff told reporters the same day. Private gas station flexible price adjustment and the same as the island, the market active private gas stations, with colorful different prices to meet a new round of adjustment.  South Four Ring Shaw Bridge outside the Coral Road gas station Webmaster told reporters that the station's No. 93rd gasoline than the market price 0.33 yuan, 97th gasoline concessions 0.20 yuan. And in the last round of oil price adjustment to the low price of the other two private gas stations-teng yuan industrial gas station and Peony Garden Rui Jie gas stations have kept the original price until yesterday morning. Teng far Xingye gas station staff told reporters that the station at about 10 o'clock in the morning before the price adjustment, adjusted prices after 93rd of petrol corresponding to 5.59 yuan per litre, less than 0.3 yuan.  The No. 93rd petrol at Rui Jie petrol filling station was raised from $5.2 per litre to $5.65. Foreign investment in the price competition unexpectedly, the foreign-funded gas stations have low-key exit price disputes. Reporter from the Haidian District Qinghe Small Battalion Qiao XI Shell Small Battalion gas station and Shijingshan Jindingjie on the south road of the total Jinding gas station learned that the two gas stations will be adjusted for the price and Sinopec, PetroChina Unified Price.  The reporters were told that the same price adjustments were made by Shell and total gas stations in other regions. In the last round of oil price adjustments, foreign-backed gas stations are also active in price wars. The 93rd gasoline of Sinochem Total had a discount of 0.13 yuan or 0.15 yuan per litre, and Shell gas station used the activity of giving Ferrari car models to attract consumers.
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