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Absrtact: 2014 next last week's top ten new products are coming on schedule, focusing on smart hardware that is about people's livelihood this week, followed by developer services and access to information. Near the end of the year, this thought all the heroes are reserve energy for the coming years, did not think many Hao

The 2014 next week's top ten new products are due to focus this week on smart hardware for people's livelihood, followed by developer services and access to information. Near the end of the year, this thought all the heroes are reserve energy for the coming years, did not expect many heroes out of the cards are not common sense. Some just in the last few days release the most destructive products of the year, from the following ten new products may be able to see their moves.

1. Micro-letter Windows version

Micro-letter Mac version released 10 months later, Tencent on Christmas Eve finally launched the Windows version of the micro-letter client. Its interface style compared to the taste of young users, but only the most basic chat and file transfer function, to see the vicinity of people, friends, micro-credit payment, or only on the mobile side.

Login aspects of "micro-letter Windows version" and the Web version, the first login requires you to open the micro-letter on the phone to scan the PC side of the two-dimensional code, and then log on more simple, just click on the PC side "Login", and then confirm the mobile end. It supports a direct search of the subscription number and service number, and can also send mass messages. The default window is smaller, and when you move the window to the left and right edges of the screen, it automatically fills up half the screen. After opening the setup interface, I found a few words of "chat record backup", but clicking on backup pop-up message is "Please insert Android Phone", puzzling.

"Micro-letter Windows version" just entered the Alpha phase, there are many problems. More users mentioned that when the new message appears without a pop-up message preview window, but previously by the Sogou generation of micro-letter computer version is a window. In addition, each exit chat message will be emptied, if there is no advance backup or only to return to the phone query.

2. Spider

Domestic designers often because they can not freely use Chinese fonts in the Web page to get mad, because of the size of the text itself, ie 6 (XP) led by the old browser (operating system) for a long time to attack, making in foreign countries have been very mature webfont technology also to Chinese fonts Web page embedded helpless. The Chinese font compression "Spider" seems to have found a workable solution.

The spider obtains characters that are not used in Webfont by analyzing local CSS and HTML files, and removes these character data from the font for compression, compresses several megabytes of Chinese fonts into dozens of KB, and generates a format that is used across browsers. Specify the HTML file path can be automated compression and transcoding, no need for JS and server support, the process is completely without human intervention, can be easily integrated in the front-end publishing system.


Japanese mobile operator KDDI recently launched a Firefox OS 2.0 system smartphone "fx0", manufacturing side for LG, the design side for the famous Japanese designer Tokujin (Tokujin Yoshioka), the Mobile home button on the printed Firefox classic logo. Perhaps the concept of open, free and transparent Firefox, "fx0" adopted a fully transparent fuselage design that was almost never considered by friends, and the internal structure of the phone was clearly visible, looking very cool.

Compared with cool design, "fx0" 's performance configuration is slightly mediocre. It is equipped with 1.2 GHz Gaotong 400 processor, built-in 1.5 GB memory and GB storage space, support the highest GB storage card, battery capacity of 2370 Ma. 4.68-inch HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1280x720, with 8 million megapixel main camera and 2.1 million pixel front camera. Support High speed 4G LTE network, NFC and WEBRTC technology. fuselage thickness of 10.5mm, weighing about 148g.

"fx0" in Japan for 50,000 yen (about 2600 yuan), in the future if the price will be higher in other countries. As the current hardware specification of the highest Firefox OS smartphone, it is undoubtedly significant for Firefox's mobile phone dream.


Humans may always want to be dissatisfied in the field of photography, this is not the MIT Michael Ciuffo spent 3 months tossing out a Polaroid camera called "printsnap", which prints photos on the most common shopping ticket.

Michael Ciuffo's "printsnap" sample machine is 3.25 x 6.75 x 3 inches and weighs 1.45 pounds, which looks a bit like a bento box. "printsnap" does not require batteries, film and memory cards, does not require networking, and does not even require ink. But don't be blinded by its seemingly incomplete body, it can print out a black-and-white photo with a 640x384 resolution at a fast speed after loading the thermal printer paper. The photo is 3 x 1.75 inches in size and can print up to 150 sheets of paper with 50 ft.

"printsnap" 's printing cost is so low that each photo costs only 0.003 dollars, which is equivalent to 1 per thousand of the cost of photographing a 600-camera photo, so you can use it to take pictures and play. But since the camera is still in the research and development phase, it will take a while to buy it.

5.Panda 4

Our national treasures are too popular with crooked nuts, followed by two of "Kung Fu Panda" and as the Spanish antivirus manufacturer Panda security of the ambassador after the panda began to speak for the media. Of course, "panda 4" is not an ordinary medium, focusing on the gathering of high-quality content sources that can inspire inspiration, such as Hacker News, Product Hunt, dribble, and so on, in two aspects of reading experience and absorption efficiency.

"panda 4" offers 6 different content combinations and 5 reading layouts for different groups of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. To El Classico layout For example, "panda 4" is divided into two major sections, the left side of the plate is narrow, only to show the content of the non-visual, exactly, only the title of the content. The right side of the plate is wide, only the visual aspect of the content, in order to improve the visual experience, the default picture size is twice times the source picture thumbnail. All content is sorted by popularity or update time, the contents of the current can not be seen after a key collection for easy to see later.

"panda 4" currently has only "Web version" and "Chrome extension" products, and the selection of content sources remain quite restrained, do not allow users to submit and create their own source.

6. Charm Blue Note

The charm family in the last few days of 2014 is still not quiet, this time they launched the thousand-dollar price of the 5.5-inch big screen mobile phone "charm Blue note", the price of low-end configuration is close to mainstream mobile phones. " The appearance also does not take the unusual road, provides the white, the blue, the yellow, the green, the powder 5 color rear cover.

The "Charm blue note" the screen ratio back to the more mainstream 16:9, 1920 x 1080 resolution (pixel density 403 ppi) is generally higher than the same price mobile phone, 5 million/13 million pixel front and rear camera. With a 64-bit MT6752 eight-core processor, consolidate Mali T760 MP2 gpu,2gb LPDDR3 memory, 16GB or 32GB ROM, and battery capacity 3140mAh. The system is based on the Android 4.4.4 flyme OS 4.2C, unicom or mobile 4G, single card slot dual sim double stay. Fuselage with the IPhone 5C similar to the integrated molding design, width and height of 75.2 x 150.7 x 8.9 mm, weighing 145 grams.

Because of the screen resolution and ROM size two to break the industry psychological line of defense, you can foresee the charm of the family will soon usher in a friendly business. But every national manufacturer's progress is always good, ordinary consumers really have nothing to worry about.


Call "pixsta" as one of the best third-party clients for Instagram, and it tries to perfect Instagram not doing a good PC-side user experience. It is well known that Instagram control of the picture format is more stringent, in the mobile end looks very pleasing to the image of the official online look is small. If you're tired of looking at a small picture on your PC, "pixsta" 's picture walls and big picture browsing mode may make you feel better.

"pixsta" can be installed on a PC or installed on Chrome as a standalone application. After installation, the default startup small window, showing the most popular pictures, then browse mode and the official website almost. Maximize the window into the picture wall mode, see up to 10 pictures at the same time, click on any picture will see a larger and clearer version. When you switch to the column mode, you can see several groups of pictures and comments appearing at the same time, the picture on the left of a large area, comments on the right side of the smaller area. Can search the user or picture keyword directly, "pixsta" will give the result according to the correlation degree, search the picture can download. Management Personal Center is also very convenient, with the official website to see their like pictures, comments and share pictures and so on, but do not support the microblogging and friends circle.

There is also a very good feature, "pixsta" can browse the geographical location from their recent users sent pictures, enhance social sense of belonging. "pixsta" Overall user experience is very good, unfortunately can not send pictures through it to Instagram, it seems that there is no Instagram authorization, there is no popular user exploration capabilities. Note: Any of the above mentioned pictures are included in the video.


Grinding the mashed potatoes into the food capsules, choosing the Mashed potato cookie recipe, 10 minutes later, a few of the pentagram-shaped mash crackers were "printed" in the form, and this amazing creation comes from the 3D food printer "foodini". "foodini", developed by Spanish start-up Natural Rogue, aims to help users cut down on tedious cooking processes and save cooking time and eat healthier.

"foodini" size similar to household microwave ovens, equipped with 5 metal capsules to hold different ingredients. Print food before the fresh ingredients to stir into mud into the capsule, 6 nozzles will be in accordance with the computer set the trajectory to squeeze back and forth to complete the food "build." The user can adjust the shape and volume of the food through the computer control Panel, etc., currently can print the food including pasta, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, potato chips, biscuits, chocolate, cakes and so on. However, "foodini" does not have the function of cooking food, the user has to heat the printed food to be cooked to enjoy.

"foodini" pre-sale price of 1300 U.S. dollars, the retail price has not been determined. If the original plan has now begun to limit shipments, the first half of 2015 will be mass production. According to feedback from the beta users, they would like to "foodini" improve the following areas: appropriate price reductions, increased printing speed, printing more complex foods and adapting to non-muddy ingredients.

9. Qizhi

As the most common travel tool, people rely on the degree of bicycle is not very high, I am afraid that the bicycle can be more intelligent and better use. Just Baidu's smart bike is still in research and development, Zhang is only just beginning, now relatively molded smart cycling products may only bici (basic concept) just opened the "Qizhi". "Qizhi" is located in the preference of urban cycling and outing of the light luxury family, is currently in the pre-sale stage.

"Qizhi" The use of slender carbon fiber frame and the current more popular 22-inch small wheel diameter, volume between 18-inch small wheel car and 28-inch ordinary bicycles. Dark black system, 8 kg body weight is equivalent to half of the average bicycle. The sensor in the bicycle can record the data including the riding track, heart rate, frequency of tread, etc., when the mobile phone is placed on the cell phone rack, the data will be transmitted in real time. After the successful pairing of Bluetooth, "Qizhi" can also provide navigation to the user by shaking the handlebar and the width of the lamp. All the power required for the body comes from the front wheel power-generating drum, while the power is generated by the line and the current is transmitted through the inner line. In addition, the "Qizhi" set a remote unlock, if the owner of the car outside the ride, it will automatically send out the alarm and report to the owner of their location.

Bici will "Qizhi" pre-sale price set for the basic section of 3999 yuan, experts 5999 yuan, the use of materials and the level of intelligence than the same price of traditional bicycles better than a little bit. But to be honest, many people are whispered when they hear that a bicycle is priced more expensive than a millet phone, and that getting lower prices may be a way to go.

10. A

People on the password generally love and hate attitude, love because inseparable from, hate because password management and login is really a variety of trouble. For example, password wrong, forget storage, stolen, input inconvenient, received less than two login verification code, such as bad, we are afraid of deep experience. In response to this long-standing problem, a Shenzhen start-up team has developed a face login sdk"", to provide IOS and Android applications face login function, simplifying the registration and login process, so that developers are not in the login link to lose a large number of users.

Relying on the rapid advance of machine learning and deep neural network in two fields, the accuracy and speed of face recognition has made leaps and forwards in the past two years, and the camera has become the standard of mobile phone in infrastructure, making the large-scale face registration possible. "One on" is to promote the face of the popular one of the pioneers! Maybe in the near future, the face login is as simple as sweeping the two-dimensional code carefree.

At present, "one log" is in the beta, do not provide open downloads, access to the SDK to fill in the official website to submit the relevant information application. After the application through the Developer Reference Technical documentation Access SDK, generally 10 minutes to complete access and testing. All services are completely free.

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