The problems of network marketing in the process and gift industry enterprises

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at present, China's network marketing is entering a period of rapid and healthy development. However, there are still many bottlenecks and obstacles in the development of network marketing in China's craft and gift industry, mainly in the following aspects:

1, the problem of enterprise concept. Some crafts gift industry to carry out network marketing is not deep, not fully aware of in the knowledge economy era to seize the network information on the importance of winning the future competitive advantage of enterprises, not to the network marketing as a strategy for enterprise development. Some craft gift industry to the network marketing understanding is too simple, just the website and network marketing as an isolated marketing means, and did not really network marketing and the whole business process of the enterprise together. According to statistics, the United States about 60% of enterprises to use the Internet to sell their products, and in China this ratio is only 5%, we can see that our country and the advanced countries still have a big gap.

2, credit and security issues. One of the most critical issues in network marketing is the credibility of the problem, there is no actual contact between the two sides how to obtain mutual trust is a major problem of network marketing. Craft gift industry generally exists small scale, weak strength, therefore, the ability to resist risk, growth is not strong, credit is often low. To a certain extent, caused the enterprise financing difficult, foreign exchanges difficult problem, seriously affected the network marketing effect. In addition, the security of the network is also a major obstacle to the development of network marketing is the process of gift industry and consumer concerns. Due to the openness of the Internet, network transactions are confronted with various risks and online transaction security.

3, talent problem. Talent is one of the most important factors in enterprise management. In the network marketing process, the craft gift industry needs both to understand the network technology, but also understands the marketing management high quality compound talented person. Most crafts gifts industry because of funds, systems, management and other reasons, it is difficult to attract and retain network marketing talent. Some enterprise technicians do not know marketing knowledge, too much emphasis on technology, ignoring the needs of users, resulting in poor system use.

4, logistics and distribution problems. In most cases, the two parties can not achieve physical transfer on the network, can only rely on the network logistics distribution system. But most craft gift industry lacks the supporting logistics distribution center or the information Service center. At the same time, the underdeveloped logistics industry and the lag of the social logistics distribution system also lead to high transport costs, in addition to the payment of commodity prices, but also to pay freight, transport time is too long, to a large extent, affecting the network marketing fast, convenient, low-cost advantage of the play, Makes some craft gift industry is unwilling to carry on the bigger attempt activity in the network marketing.

5. Management problems. Many craft gift industry management level is backward, the management foundation is weak, the informationization level is low, has affected the network marketing smoothly carries on. Develop network marketing, the request craft gift industry must take the advanced technology as the support, to the traditional marketing organization form, the management pattern, the mode of operation and the marketing idea and so on the fundamental change, revolves the core business process reorganization, the redesign and the optimization enterprise business process, thus causes the technology and the enterprise management and the Operation organic Combination

second, the craft gift profession carries on the Network marketing strategy analysis

Craft Gift industry to be successful in the fierce marketing competition, we must make full use of the characteristics of the network marketing, combined with its own development status and internal and external resources, conditions and other factors, and constantly explore the application of their own characteristics of the marketing strategy. 1, establish the correct marketing concept. Process gift Industry managers need to learn and understand the network marketing knowledge, form a scientific network awareness, set up with the Internet to improve the operation, development of new products, to expand the market, improve the competitiveness of the network marketing concept. Craft gift industry should transform traditional management mode, redesign and optimize enterprise business process, establish scientific corporate governance structure and strengthen internal control system. The pyramid management system is flattened and networked, the Digital foundation of the enterprise is rebuilt, the system and enterprise culture adapting to the network marketing is formed, and the necessity and urgency of seizing the network information market is fully recognized from the enterprise development strategy, grasping the favorable opportunity to carry out the network marketing.

2, do a good job of network marketing market positioning. Network sales and one-way marketing mode is different, it is a two-way marketing way. Craft gift industry should be based on network marketing characteristics of extensive network research, in a scientific way, systematically and purposefully collect, collate, analyze and study the market-related information, especially related to the customer's needs, purchase motives and purchase behavior and other aspects of information, accurately carry out their own network market positioning, so that reasonable and effective to raise A solution to the problem, reflecting their own characteristics and meet the specific needs of customers, so as to be attractive to customers, thereby improving the effectiveness of network marketing.

3, strengthen the connotation construction of marketing website. Setting up a website on the Internet is the foundation of Enterprise's network marketing. Enterprises to successfully carry out network marketing, it is necessary to carefully plan the site and do a good job of website maintenance. Website design should be scientific and reasonable and simple and practical, content should be updated constantly, establish a database system, timely understanding of market demand trends. can also use a professional network marketing platform, such as Alibaba, HC network, through cooperation with the platform suppliers, save network marketing operating costs, access to more advanced and professional services.

Focus on customer relationship management, set up a set of network sales and customer service system, with the Internet inherent interactive function, using electronic bulletin boards or e-mail and other means to provide online after-sales service or with customers to do two-way communication and communication, improve customer loyalty, the customer into the entire marketing process, encourage customers to participate in product decision-making, To provide customers with customized products and services, timely understanding of the consumer of the Enterprise product evaluation, fully grasp the customer demand situation.

4, strengthen the network promotion activities. Pay attention to the promotion of the site, prompting consumers to browse the company's website. Many ways to promote the use of traditional media, such as newspapers, television, a variety of corporate promotional materials, business cards, advertising shirts and product packaging and other promotional sites, but also the use of Internet resources to promote the Web site, the network ads sent to the Internet often visited by netizens, such as search engines, service outlets, Industry websites, discussion groups and e-mail.

pay attention to network promotion. The starting point of network promotion is the use of network features to achieve communication with customers, this way of communication is not traditional marketing "push" way but "pull" way, that is, "soft" marketing, this feature is the best way to explore potential customers. At present, network advertising is a more popular and popular way of promotion.

5, optimize the marketing channel system. The network connects the enterprise with the consumer, and provides a brand-new sales channel for the enterprise. Enterprises in the application process should continue to improve this channel to attract more consumers. Conditional craft Gift industry can consider its own construction to order information flow as the center, the National Supply Chain Resource Network and computer Information network for the support of diversified, direct distribution as the leading modern logistics system. The weaker craft gift industry can choose the third party logistics enterprise to realize the socialization of logistics distribution.

6, increase the network marketing personnel training and management. Talent shortage is a bottleneck of network marketing in craft gift industry. Therefore, the craft gift industry should pay attention to the cultivation of network marketing personnel, using all kinds of ways and means to cultivate and improve the staff's business ability and service efficiency, set up a group of high-quality, reasonable, professional network, computer and business management professionals, for the development of enterprise Network Marketing to provide personnel protection. At the same time, enterprises should establish scientific corporate governance structure and strengthen internal control system, and form the management system and enterprise culture adapting to network marketing.

in short, network marketing is the future development direction of enterprise marketing. Craft gift industry can use Network marketing to break through resources limit, expand survival and development space, realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

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