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Recently a lot of friends consulting new Web site How to promote, today and you share, the new online website promotion methods.

1, Baidu know ask oneself to promote

Baidu can be known to register a number of accounts, first of their own to ask a question, such as: To find a group purchase information summary class site, do not know who can recommend a ah? After a two days and then another account to answer such as: Recommend to you, on Baidu Search Group purchase website Daquan can be. Know to promote the time must pay attention to not to send the website URL, so the URL will not be displayed. But since the beginning of the site has not been included in Baidu, so other people on Baidu also can not find our site, in addition to the answer after the parentheses, so most people know what the URL is.

Similar methods can be used to search for questions, such as Sina love to ask. Adhere to at least every day in Baidu know the above answer 5 questions, so over a period of time the site will be more traffic.

2, Baidu paste Promotion

In the Baidu bar to search for some of the relevant to buy it, and then posted or replies in it, bar can sometimes send a web site, sometimes not to send a Web site, if you can send a website URL. According to the characteristics of your site to choose a number of forums, so you can go to the local Web site forum post, local forum management is not very strict, but the weight of Baidu is still very high.

3, Registered Blog

Can be in Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and news These can register the blog website to register the blog, the blog name may be own website name or wants to promote the key word and so on, then sends the article in the article, adds own website URL.

4, QQ Group

Can be in the group to send a link to their website, so that friends on behalf of publicity

5, QQ Mail

We usually can receive or forward some greeting cards, we can forward the greeting card after the greeting card after adding our website address, so if someone saw also will visit. But the address can not be too obvious, that is not very good. Or to send cards mainly. For example, my site I have tried once, in the blessing of the end of the email add URL, the effect is OK, but my add is not too obvious, after all, has been blessing-oriented.

6, the navigation station to submit the application, this is the best way.

Ground promotion words is mainly to send leaflets posters, but to send leaflets to try to be more purposeful, for example, take advantage of the holiday time to send, so that other people visit the site is a lot of chance.

These are some personal experience, can also be explored in the promotion process, in addition, you can also invite professional search engine optimization company.

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