The prospect of a 3DS collapse in the Nintendo Osaka Market has deterred investors from optimism

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Just launched a generation of new palm machine 3DS of Japan's veteran game giant Nintendo (7974), in the main Japan's Osaka Securities trading market, the stock price does not rise and fall.  According to Japan's Toyo Economy, February 25, Nintendo's shares in the Osaka Stock Exchange fell by 4.1%, ranking first in one of the big card shares, and investor confidence remains to be stabilized through performance.  Market analysts believe that although the 3D selling point for the naked eye 3DS by the consumer widely expected, the initial momentum is good and retailers are more optimistic about the sales prospects, but because the price of 3DS itself relative to the previous product of Nintendo, it is expected to have a considerable number of users cash. Analysts at Japan's Backbone Securities said it remains to be seen whether the 3DS has just been on the market.  In addition, Nintendo's recent poor operating conditions are also considered to be one of the main reasons for the current lack of investor confidence. In the last fiscal quarter, Nintendo reported a sharp decline in operating profit of up to 41.1% per cent.  In the poor performance of the premise of the introduction of new products, it is inevitable to give people a hasty challenge cramming's bad impression, causing investors fear is inevitable. In addition, some investment analysts believe that Nintendo should wait for Japan's domestic economy to further recover when the environment is relatively good to launch 3DS side is the best policy. And the competition for Nintendo is not just from within Japan, but the scramble for overseas markets is likely to be more intense. (Edit/Xu Mingming)
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