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With the popularization of the Internet, online shopping has gradually been recognized by people, especially the young family, online shopping is basically the main way to buy. The net buys the crowd to increase, the net buys the type the website also along with the growth, after all the market decides the supply and demand, has the demand naturally to have the supply. At present, the type of shopping sites in various forms, a full range, aimed at the network to provide a more diversified group of choices.

The author in Baidu input "shopping website" related search results have 63,200,000, so many search results and shopping site should choose. What standards do users consider when choosing a shopping network? What kind of shopping website can satisfy the user, retain the customer, and realize the conversion rate? Although there are many shopping sites, but the site is mixed, it is difficult to make a choice. It is not a good thing for the users or the operators of the website. For users, it is difficult to find a satisfactory shopping site, for the site operators, did not find a potential consumer groups.

Webmaster Network Dream River that the shopping site is to provide users with services, the user's satisfaction to achieve the profitability of the site in order to reflect the value of the existence of the site. Therefore, from the user's point of view to consider the design of the site, the type of goods, a good user experience to retain customers in order to achieve the profitability of the site.

First of all, the shopping site to give users a sense of trust.

Shopping sites, as the name suggests, is the sale of goods. Any site to achieve the sale of goods home page to let users trust your site. If a shopping network gives a false impression, talk about how to make a business, talk about the realization of benefits? Although now Taobao into the brush credibility of the "integrity door" storm, but we can not deny that Taobao early sellers credit evaluation method does provide consumers with a recognition and understanding of the seller's channel, Increase the consumer's trust in the seller's website to achieve the commodity transaction. Now many shopping Network although the design is exquisite, the product is rich, but, the website trustworthiness degree is not enough, difficult obtains the user's approval, the nature is very difficult to realize the profit. This is most of the shopping site problems, if the problem is solved, I believe that the probability of the site transactions will be greatly improved.

Jingdong Mall that everyone is not unfamiliar, since 2004 involved in E-commerce, the site has been the user's attention and recognition, registered users have more than 2.5 million. Home do very simple, give people the feeling of trust, simple and not fancy, naturally can increase the user's sense of trust, retain users, the final transaction. With the development of the past few years, Jingdong Mall has gradually become an important way for Chinese consumers to buy 3C products.

Second, the shopping site needs to improve the payment method.

Commodity transactions naturally exist in the transaction of money, how to pay is a matter of concern to consumers. If the website does not have its own independent payment method, the transaction deals, but cannot find the suitable payment method, or does not pass through the third party platform, the direct bank card transfers, this to the consumer is more difficult to accept. One of the drawbacks of online shopping is untrue, trading virtual. If consumers cannot guarantee that they will be paid before they get the product, they may feel that they are in danger of goods, and that they are not going to consume. Therefore, the best shopping site has its own independent payment methods, the current popular generally recognized Third-party trading platform has Alipay, Tenpay, an, fast money, Chinapay (net Changtong) and so on. Website to achieve transaction success, must be in the most detailed place to pay attention to user needs, do a good job user experience.

Again, the shopping site should also pay attention to the professional nature of the goods.

Do shopping site, if you do not have Wal-Mart, Carrefour's capital strength, the best not to do department stores, do the store can be. Shopping sites are expensive in terms of quality, not quantity. As far as I am concerned, I will not go to anything to sell the shopping website to buy things, such a site gives people not professional feeling. Do shopping Network, if there is not enough financial strength, do category site, only sell one type of merchandise. Sell similar goods can also do rich, attractive, and the same category of goods easily categorized, product display can be more perfect and meticulous. If you have to do it all at the beginning, you may end up doing nothing. Just start the website, do, do strong a category of products, only to attract a type of consumer groups, the last can be bigger and stronger.

For example, the Beidou mobile phone network, I think this site to do very good, only to do mobile phone trading. The site covers almost all brands, different models of mobile phones. The introduction of each cell phone details, price concessions, more important when the combination of wired online, there are various cities offline outlets, to give users more trust. Beidou mobile phone network, mobile phone monopoly market, to give users a more professional feeling, trading is also easier to carry out.

Finally, also pay attention to the simple and generous website design and easy shopping experience.

Shopping site design to conform to the image of the site, web design can not be too vulgar, too fancy, to conform to the nature of goods, simple shopping environment is the user like. In the shopping experience to be simple and convenient, do not require users to register for the first time, do not limit shopping must register the user name and so on, the sale of products can be combined with the free purchase, to give users a relaxed and happy shopping experience.

I personally think that the fashion mall design is very simple and generous. Summer arrived, the site to a refreshing and pleasant feeling, whether the page design, or structural layout are very suitable, very in line with the vision of young people. Web content classification is also very simple, even the first landing users can easily find the target, the user experience is good. Product display on the very place, the picture is clear, introduction detailed, very can arouse the user's desire for consumption.

In short, the prospect of a bright shopping site, but how to grasp the potential of the market, is every webmaster to constantly try to figure out the study. Opportunities are always there, but how to grasp the opportunity is not everyone can do, or that sentence, the opportunity is for those who are prepared.

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