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Blog site and the value of traditional Web sites are somewhat different, traditional sites are usually based on the site traffic and Alexa rankings to determine the size of the site's advertising business value. Blog is a special and emerging media form, this new form of the alliance with the traditional web site advertising pay-per-click is very different, special forms of presentation to the Ad League a series of problems.

First, to solve the problem of profit model, said directly is how to persuade large manufacturers to carry out brand advertising. Although it is thought that the top 100 financial blogs in the country have more effect on credit card advertising than on portals, it is a big gap that executives in banks often don't think so, or even sales people do not.

Second, how to quantify the value of blog advertising. From the recent network on the emergence of several blog site value, ranking services, we tend to choose to blog subscriptions, backlinks, number of replies, blog article number of comprehensive calculation, you can say that the value of the blog has a very web2.0 characteristics.

Third, how to attract high-quality blog to join and how to divide them. Many well-known bloggers do not have their own independent blog site, often hosted in various BSP, and each BSP on the blog article of the definition of rights and interests, which brings the value of the advertising who is to get, in the end how to allocate is really bad definition.

Four, The Advertiser to the blog advertisement Cognition question. After all, the blog is personal media, limited access, limited influence, advertisers are willing to put ads on the blog has yet to be the market to speak. In fact, the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of, millions of visitors is still a minority, if not to achieve millions of traffic, advertising value can actually say basically no.
Finally, the blog to advertise the main audit issues worth solving. In recent years, the development of the blog in China has sprung up, countless, but really worthy of advertising blogger may only 1%, 1 per thousand, how to approve the blog owner, approval of the huge workload is a problem that can not be ignored.

The core of blog profit

Blog Advertising Alliance seems to be in full swing, but the core of the blog Advertising Alliance is what? According to the requirements of the blogger, and the request of "each article more than 5 of the true number of messages" This request can block most of the blog, it is estimated that only some celebrity bloggers can have this qualification, and these celebrity bloggers are hosted on the portal site of the blog hosting platform, and in the blog webmaster and BSP of the interests of the dispute did not completely have a statement, the blog Advertising Alliance start-up and Development seems to have more obstacles.

Then, we analyze the new form of advertising alliance and the traditional form of centralized advertising, whether the blog ads can be like other online ads have the same prospects.

First, the difference between the blog advertising Alliance and the "Network Alliance": The "blog Advertising Alliance" is not to replicate in the blog message Era of "website Alliance." "Website Alliance" value is the traffic, as long as there is the flow of income. and the "blog Advertising Alliance" value is the quality of the blog, so the Federation in the blog Master Audit will be more important to the quality of the blog article, the number of subscriptions, backlinks, comments, etc., traffic only as a reference.

In any case, it can be predicted that in the next three years, in addition to the blog Advertising Alliance, blog Innovative business model will appear, support mobile and Internet dual platform, interactive blog application will become the starting point of large-scale profits. But in the short term business model and profit model will be limited, the market competition is fierce, simple blog service users stickiness will drop. As the Deep advertising league Zhang always said: "Some people are angry place will make money, blog is the same." "The prospects are bright, the key is a large number of small BSP can be hungry stomach to support to that beautiful tomorrow."

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