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Friend Bao set up three years time, in the country laying more than 10,000 vending machines, the total amount of financing over 600 million. Friends hope that through vending machines and supporting mobile phone applications, through the line and offline, to provide users with controllable standardized services.

In the domestic vending machine market, the friend treasure is definitely the subversion image after entering. Founded in 2010, three years, friends of the treasure has been laid in the country more than 10,000 vending machines, both north and deep these first-tier cities, South China, some two or three-line cities also covered a lot. The huge infrastructure needs enormous sums of money, the cost of more than 10,000 vending machines is more than 300 million, which has not been built in the warehouse logistics system and the unique Internet system. This three-year friend Treasure has taken the near-tricycle financing, the total amount of more than 600 million.

Money is not a problem that friends are too worried about. Friends treasure the largest two individual investors are bin, Shen and hanting, are not short of money. Bin 03 to 125 million U.S. dollars in the price of the net Hing technology sold to Sina, and then invested in rice, now Ren Bao CEO. Shen is chairman of Yintai and chairman of Yintai investment. In addition, Hanting is also one of the investors. It is precisely because there are so many excellent investors backed up, friends treasure only the rapid expansion of capital, within three years from scratch, has now won the National vending Machine Market One-fourth of the share.

If friend Bao is only a fast-growing vending machine company, there is nothing to talk about. In fact, friends of the ambition is, through the network of vending machines and supporting mobile applications, through the line to the offline chain, to provide users with controllable standardized services. On this basis, friends can be developed into a new and balanced online and offline channels.

Friend Treasure and other vending machine The biggest difference, may be its built-in set of intelligent networking system, can detect the number and type of existing goods in the vending machine, consumers can also be used on the mobile phone to view or purchase the matching products. This system can make replenishment more relaxed, the replenishment of the cargo staff do not have to be as experienced as before to replenish the goods, directly looking at the background data on the line. Consumers interact with the vending machine through their mobile phones, giving friends more online opportunities. For example, friends can choose to buy a beverage, the user to push a questionnaire, if the user filled out, you can receive a certain rebate or concessions. In this way, friends can provide a lot of feedback to the beverage manufacturers.

In addition, due to the fixed location of the vending machine, you can generally speculate on the identity of consumers, usually to the school vending machines to buy things, is generally teacher students, the factory is usually workers. These fine data can help businesses better collect feedback.

Vending machines in Japan is very popular, but the domestic has been tepid, but also only some industrial areas of South east China also developed well, where the staff concentration, shops are not many, more suitable for vending machines. Friends Treasure is also these areas as the main battlefield to catch, nearly 75% of vending machines are paved in two or three-line cities, such as Foxconn and other factories, such as the park, large and medium institutions. First-tier cities are mainly in subway stations and office buildings, sales are not as good as the two or three-line city.

Friend treasure in the past three years has also been a detour, a group of internet people suddenly into the vending machine this traditional industry, the wall is also normal. Many of the early ideas have been proved wrong, many vending machine after the retreat back, after several twists and turns, and later specially invited a lot of vending machine field of cattle came to the road to shun. Now the company's revenue is more than 42 million, profit margin is about 20%, mainly from the sale of goods. The profit is bucket compared to the upfront cost, but at least it will be able to fix the cost of the research team.

Selling things is only the beginning, friends treasure set up this system, the larger goal is to provide users with more value-added services through the Internet. For example, you buy a bottle of beverage through mobile phone application, you can play a game on the big screen of the friend's vending machine, and then you can cash the coupon of a certain brand. For the workers in the park, the Internet is not convenient, mobile phone traffic is also very valuable, friends can provide them with free Wifi, to help them in shopping for good applications, video or other content, to some extent, playing the role of the physical digital store.

Friend Bao has a slightly magical vision: one day, users can not spend money to buy a friend of the goods in the vending machine, just take their own online sites or applications accumulated points into a friend treasure wallet in the currency, and then buy goods, by the various websites and applications to pay for consumers. Do you think it's possible?

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