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In order to devote himself to the new project, a deputy general manager of Shenzhen Huicheng (002168, closing 35.94 yuan) not only invested 3 million yuan in his own pocket, but also firmly abandoned the "high Tanghoulo" of the listed company. Such a seemingly insane choice appears in a notice released today (December 30) by the Shenzhen Hui Cheng.  And there may be more to the story behind this seemingly insane choice. Investment to set up a subsidiary of Shenzhen Hui Cheng today announced that the company in November 2010 with the Beijing Aerospace University signed a technology transfer contract to 3.18 million yuan price by the Polyimide foam-related technology.  To further accelerate the process of industrialization, the company intends to establish Beijing high Aviation Advanced Light Materials Co., Ltd. (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as High Aviation company), engaged in research and development, production, marketing polyimide foam, composite materials, such as advanced light material business. According to the bulletin, polyimide foam has the characteristics of flame retardancy, reducing flue gas and toxicity, and currently about 70% of polyimide foam is used in military and aerospace fields. The annual consumption of Polyimide foams from 2005 to 2011 is expected to grow at a rate of 5% per cent and may increase further to 10%~20%.  At the end of 2007, the Polyimide Foam international price of about 100,000 U.S. dollars/ton, and the current domestic difficult to buy polyimide foam products, small-volume purchase price is very expensive. According to Shenzhen Hui Cheng Plan, the company intends to build a large-scale production line before the end of 2011, the preparation of products to achieve predetermined technical indicators and performance parameters, and the formation of large-scale production capacity.  However, the current high aviation company project is still in the investment period, short-term impact on the company's performance is small. The deputy general manager fully invests in fact, in addition to the investment project has the bright spot, the company one senior executive's "The Omni-directional pay" seems more deserves the attention.  The announcement shows that the registered capital of the company is set to 10 million yuan, of which Shenzhen Huicheng cash investment of 6.3 million yuan, currently in the company as deputy general manager of the He Feng investment of 3 million yuan, the other two natural persons Jame and Wang respectively into 525,000 yuan, 175,000 yuan. According to the 2009 Annual report, the annual salary of He Feng is 195,900 yuan, in this calculation, the investment of 3 million yuan exceeds its 15 year salary sum. Even more surprising is, after the official establishment of the High Aviation company, He Feng will resign Shenzhen Huicheng deputy general Manager position, turn to be the general manager of Gao Hang company.  In other words, in order to devote themselves to new projects, He Feng not only invested 3 million yuan in the pocket, but also firmly abandoned the "high Tanghoulo" of listed companies. The daily economic news reporter also found that the other two investors Jame and Wang is also the first. Jame is a professor of Beijing Aerospace University, doctoral tutor, research direction for polyimide foam, new technology composite materials, new technology molded composite materials.  Wang is also a teacher of Beihang University, the research direction of polyimide and its composite materials. The company's senior, university professors, the upcoming high airlines is Canglongwohu, although the company clearly stated that the project in the short termThe impact of the company's performance is small, but it does not give the market a huge space for imagination. It should be noted that the Shenzhen Hui Cheng in November on the purchase of Polyimide foam proprietary technology, and immediately with the technical experts to study the relevant technology in the pilot and industrialization. It was not until one months later that the company decided to set up the company, which seemed to have a good idea of the future of the project. From this point of view, as the High aviation company preparatory in charge of the He Feng seemingly bold decision behind, perhaps more is the company's firm confidence in the future of high airlines.
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