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Abstract: Hungry? announced yesterday and the public comments on the strategic cooperation, the public comments will be 80 million U.S. dollars into the hungry, and will be hungry for the takeaway service access to the public comments. Did you get hungry after the press conference? Founder Zhang Xuhao to 36 Krypton disclosed the core competition of hungry?

"Hungry?" yesterday announced and the public comment on the strategic cooperation, the public comments will be 80 million U.S. dollars to buy "hungry Mody", and will be "hungry Mody" of the takeaway service access to the public comments. After the press conference, "Hungry," founder Zhang Xuhao to 36 Krypton revealed the "hungry" core competitiveness, Napos and Walle the details of the two internal software, and will be online within a few months to focus on the delivery of short logistics platform plans.

The existing delivery platform is far from "hungry" one, such as a meal network recently received B round of additional financing. However, from the "Hungry" published data to see, "Hungry" in the current take-away market has a greater advantage, Zhang Xuhao that "hungry Mody" is the core competitiveness of its internal development of two sets of software, restaurant background software Napos and sales of collaborative CRM software Walle.

Napos is "Hungry" for the restaurant development of the background management software, most areas of the marketing team will be in the early stage of the software provided to access the "Hungry Mody" restaurant. Through this software, the restaurant can efficiently manage takeout orders and online cash registers, as well as a normal restaurant background management software, handling the order of the meal. Napos and the cloud is similar, the difference is that Napos has a more radical promotion strategy: Zhang Xuhao revealed that now many areas of restaurants are free to use napos, for more mature market, the Napos fee is 4820 yuan per year.

In addition, "hungry" developed a sales collaborative CRM software Walle for its in-house employees. Unlike traditional CRM software, Walle also has the function of sales synergy and information sharing. By selling synergies, salespeople in the same city can know that their teammates are "sweeping the street" in that area today, thus avoiding any effort to sell. And, Walle enables each salesperson to see all the city's teams and their team-mates ' sales performance, thereby leveraging the performance of others to motivate salespeople.

In the strategic cooperation with the public comments, "hungry" very fancy it brought in high-end restaurant resources, hoping to open up the high-end restaurant in the takeaway market. However, how to do the high-end restaurant takeout? Zhang Xuhao that now in high-end restaurants do not sell mainly out of two points: one is now many restaurants do not realize the huge market, another point is that the takeaway involves feeding logistics, logistics personnel cost, how to control and optimize the distribution process and other issues, so that some of the high-end restaurant to discourage. As a result, "hungry" will build a logistics platform focused on food delivery, allowing small logistics companies to deliver meals to restaurants, while restaurants simply focus on their products.

"Hungry?" the expected delivery logistics platform is expected to be launched in three or four months, the restaurant can be in the Napos system to choose and replace with their own docking logistics. The aim is to save the restaurant from the worry of food delivery. At the same time, "hungry" obviously also hope to establish a restaurant based on the distribution of the ecological system, the birth of a group of "fast" of the regional logistics team, with no warehouse management advantages, do a "last kilometer" distribution.

In the long run, Zhang Xuhao hopes to change the current catering industry more thoroughly by selling the logistics platform. At present, the high-end restaurant will spend a lot of money on the rent, the bustling lot and the huge pavement area brought about by the extremely low per square meter profit. And such as Huang Taigi restaurant, store small, high turnover rate, the result is extremely high per square meter profit. Zhang Xuhao hopes to use a large and sophisticated offline distribution team to weaken the restaurant's reliance on location and storefront size and devote more energy to improving products and marketing. And, hope that the future through the "Hungry Mody" platform to create a group of "No location factors" of the Internet restaurant.

On the outlook for the future, Zhang Xuhao's goal is to expand the market to 50~100 cities within a year, with a daily average of 1 million per year, to 10 billion annual turnover.

Now many entrepreneurs want to do "platform", let some investors hear start-ups say "platform" the word shook his head. Indeed, Tencent, Ali such giants let countless entrepreneurs coveted the "platform" of the advantages, but a start-up companies take what to and the Giants Rob platform? I think Zhang Xuhao is very appreciative of Y Combinator's founder Paul Graham's words to inspire some entrepreneurs, "the way to do really great things are to do really Sgt things and grow them Bigger ". Only focus on and do a very small subdivision of the field, can take this as the basis for a large platform. This is what "hungry" is doing.

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